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Instagram is one of the most popular online outlets for people all over the world to share their passions and common interests. Car lovers use Instagram to show off and share their favorite vehicles.

But which vehicles have the biggest Instagram reputation? Instagram’s favorite and most-shared vehicle might surprise you, or it may not. Here’s a look at the car that’s taken over Instagram with the most posts, as well as other cars that made Instagram’s most-popular list.

The most popular Instagram car

A study was recently performed by a car insurance company based in the UK, Veygo. According to CNBC, Veygo created a list using more than 45 million Instagram car posts, compiled of over 300 vehicle models.

This list of vehicles only consisted of cars still in production. As Instagram posts work through the use of hashtags, Veygo looked at the most popular hashtags for each car. Though the company openly admitted that it initially expecting a supercar or two would top the list, the logic behind the car in the number one spot makes sense.

The most Instagrammed car, represented by more than 11.9 million posts, is the Ford Mustang. The most popularly used hashtags for the Mustang are #fordmustang and #mustang. So why does the number one car on Instagram make perfect sense?

The Ford Mustang is an iconic symbol of a variety of things. When people think of classic cars, muscle cars, freedom, the American dream, and cars that go fast, the Mustang is one of the first to come to mind. And as one of the most produced and purchased vehicles of all time, there are a ton of Mustangs out there available for a photo and Instagram post. 

In addition to the Ford Mustang having an iconic allure attached to it, the car comes in a variety of price ranges, from affordable and entry-level to high-end performers like Shelby GT.

There are also a variety of trim levels, engine and transmission choices, and the ability for owners to easily customize the Mustang. Known for its high-performing history, it’s been rated the best-selling sports coupe multiple years running. According to the experts at Ford Authority, the most recent market research suggests the Ford Mustang accounts for roughly 15.4 percent of sports coupe purchases.

Other Instagram car favorites

While some statistics were no surprise at all, others were quite interesting. Results from the list place Toyota with the most vehicles on the list, BMW with the highest number of total posts, and Chevrolet with the highest number of average posts per vehicle. And according to The Drive, for every truck or SUV on the list, there are 6 sports cars. Here are the cars that made Instagram’s top ten list:

  • 10. Audi R8– 2.9 million posts with hashtags #audir8 and #r8
  • 9. Lamborghini Aventador– 3 million posts with hashtags #lamborghiniaventador and #aventador
  • 8. BMW M4– 3.4 million posts with hashtags #bmwm4 and #m4
  • 7. Chevrolet Corvette– 3.96 million posts with hashtags #corvette and #vette
  • 6. Chevrolet Camaro– 4.6 million posts with hashtags #chevycamaro and #camaro
  • 5. Jeep Wrangler– 5.1 million posts with hashtags #jeepwrangler and #wrangler
  • 4. BMW M3– 5.8 million posts with hashtags #bmwm3 and #m3
  • 3. Nissan GT-R– 7 million posts with hashtags #nissangtr and #gtr
  • 2. Honda Civic– 7.4 million posts with hashtags #hondacivic and #civic
  • 1. Ford Mustang– 11.9 million posts with hashtags #fordmustang and #mustang

It should come as no surprise than an iconic car like the Ford Mustang is Instagram’s most shared car. High-performing and an example of American excellence, people all over the world appreciate the work that goes into the Mustang. Did your favorite car top Instagram’s charts?