America’s Favorite Cars: 10 Vehicles Everyone Wanted to Buy in May

Source: Scott Olson/Getty Images News
Scott Olson/Getty Images News

Auto sales had an explosive year last year, and from the looks of things, this year is shaping up to top it, at least for many. As the price of oil remains depressed, buyers have continued to shovel money into profit-rich vehicles like trucks and SUVs, and for the most part, that trend remained consistent through the month of May.

However, there were some notable changes; cars, overall, performed more admirably than trucks and utilities. “After all, the Nissan Altima and Ford Fusion replaced the Chevrolet Equinox and Ford Escape, which respectively placed seventh and 10th a month ago,” said in its coverage of the monthly best-sellers. Not all is as it seems, though: Despite a strong showing in the top ten, car sales declined overall compared to May of 2014.

Transaction prices increased during the month, led by the highly in-demand pickup segment, though the prices for cars slowed its advancement. Read on to see the 10 best-selling vehicles from the month of May.

Fusion hybrid
Source: Ford

10. Ford Fusion

Ford’s Fusion sedan is going on its third year without a refresh, but the market is still responding well. Ford sold 31,325 Fusion sedans in May for a year-on-year slide of 7.5%, leaving the car down 7.4% on the year so far at 127,749 units. Still, that’s not bad for a car facing some pretty intense and newer competition.

Honda CR-V
Source: Honda

9. Honda CR-V

A mild refresh for 2015 has done wonders for Honda’s leading crossover, and while the SUV took a small breather during May — it still sold 32,090 of them. That’s 1% down for May, leaving Honda’s family hauler up 4.7% for the first five months of 2015 compared to the same period last year, at 134,669.

Source: Honda

8. Honda Accord

The venerable Accord continued to sell strongly in May, at 32,373 for the month. However, sales have been stronger for the sedan – this figure is actually an 18.3% drop in sales over the same month last year, and it leaves the Accord down 16.1% for the year so far with 128,269 units sold.

Source: Nissan

7. Nissan Altima

Nissan’s popular midsize sedan took advantage of the Accord’s slide, and posted sales of 33,630, though this too was a decline of 6.7%. Year-to-date, Nissan has sold 142,613, handily outpacing Honda’s comparable sedan, though it’s still down 5.1% on the year.

Source: Honda
Source: Honda

6. Honda Civic

The Civic led Honda’s parade through the top ten, though it too fell short against May of last year. The company sold 34,472 units, for a 4.5% slump, which leaves the compact down 3.9% at 129,574 sales. Chances are, things will slow further as anticipation builds for the next Civic model.

Source: Toyota
Source: Toyota

5. Toyota Corolla

Besting the Civic in the compact segment is Toyota’s Corolla, which sold 36,768 units to pick up 0.4% during May. This leaves the Corolla at 159,486 for the year so far, up 11.2% against the same five months of last year.

2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel
Source: Ram

4. Ram Pickup

Ram’s pickup, which usually follows on the tails of the Chevrolet Silverado, 39,952 units in May for a 7.5% gain over May of 2014. Though impressive, it wasn’t enough to unseat the No. 3 contender this past month, which put the Ram in fourth and behind it’s fellow pickup brethren. Since January, Ram has sold 179,384 pickups for a 5.1% gain over the same period of last year.

Source: Toyota

3. Toyota Camry

It’s new, bolder styling keeps Toyota’s Camry in the best-selling car slot for May, having moved 43,837 units in May, although that was an 11.6% slip versus the year-ago month. This puts the car down 1.9% for the year so far, selling 178,408 units in total.

2015 Chevrolet Silverado High Country
Source: Chevrolet

2. Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet’s Silverado had a huge month in May, tacking 10.6% onto its sales from last year with a monthly total of 51,602 as the truck took advantage of Ford’s slow rollout of the new F-150. This puts the Silverado’s monthly total at 274,224 for the year-to-date, leaving sales of the truck up 13.8% — and effectively proving that the smaller Colorado isn’t cannibalizing sales from its big brother.

Source: Ford
Source: Ford

1. Ford F-Series

Returning to the throne — though by a noticeably lesser margin — is the F-Series, which sold 61,870 units for the month as Ford continues to be hampered by parts availability for the new aluminum model. That’s a slide of 9.7% for May, which leaves total F-Series sales down 1.1% on the year so far to 302,009 in total.