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You probably have a favorite car color, and even if you don’t there are likely some colors you’d never choose for your SUV. And that matters, at least if you want to avoid losing too much money if you decide to sell your SUV down the road. That’s because demand is highest for vehicles in a few specific colors. 

A silver 2022 Toyota Highlander
2022 Toyota Highlander | Toyota

The most popular color for SUVs is gray, according to Kelley Blue Book. That’s somewhat of a surprise, considering the fact that the top color for vehicles is often white. In fact, Kelley Blue Book says that white, black, silver, and gray tend to consistently top the list, taking turns as the best car color. It’s only the most recent look at the most popular SUV color choices that gray has nabbed the number one spot. 

A full quarter of new SUV purchases are gray. This just edged out white, which takes 24% of the SUV market. In third place is black, with 18.5% of SUVs being black. And number four is silver, rounding out the usual black top slots with 11% of the market. That means that 78.5% of all SUVs are gray, white, black, or silver. 

Several colors are at the bottom of the list for SUVs

Okay, so the usual favorites represent nearly 80% of all new SUV colors. That means there are another 21.5% of SUVs in different colors. There are six colors represented in the roughly 20%. 

The colors at the bottom of the list are blue, red, green, gold/beige, orange, and brown. Blue SUVs make up 10% of the bottom half of the best car colors, with red behind it at 7.5%. Only 2.5% of SUVs are green. And the other colors: beige/gold, orange, and brown each make up just .5% of all SUVs. 

The color of your SUV may impact its resale value

So let’s say you’re shopping for a new SUV and you really want to buy a brown one. Should you? Probably not, at least unless you’re already certain that you’ll run your vehicle into the ground. Then the resale value won’t matter as much as if there’s a chance that you’ll either trade it in or sell it sometime down the road. 

By choosing one of the four perpetually popular SUV colors, you give yourself the best chance at retaining as much value from your SUV as possible. Choose a color that isn’t as popular, like gold, and it could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on several factors. 

 If you want to retain the most value for your SUV down the road, you may want to choose one of the best SUV colors in order to do so. By choosing a color that’s considered safe, you’re more likely to have a vehicle that’s worth as much money as possible down the road. Of course, if you’re just dying to buy an orange SUV and you plan on hanging onto it, you might as well. After all, you want to drive something that you love. 


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