You Don’t Have to Pay $46,000 to Own a Land Rover Defender

The SUV market offers a plethora of options to choose from. Some are family vehicles, while others offer tons of storage room. The Land Rover Defender, however, brings you the experience of a real, rugged SUV just like the good ol’ days. The only thing is the price tag is pretty high. 

But there’s another way to get a Land Rover Defender, and it costs less than one monthly car payment. Automobile Magazine discusses how a matching Lego set brings you a thrilling experience, just like the real thing does. Let’s look at why the Defender is so popular these days, what it offers you, and what you can expect from building the SUV’s Lego set. 

Why is the Land Rover Defender increasing in popularity?

One major reason for the increase in popularity is the fact that MotorTrend named it their SUV of the year for 2021. There were a few items the Defender has that caught the eye of the reviewers. 

One of them deals with the ‘real SUV’ look they referenced it as. The Defender isn’t your usual car-based crossover vehicle. It represents what SUVs used to be, rugged vehicles that could take on nature without a hitch.

Then there’s the way it handles off-roading adventures. The author confessed he was a bit leery of this new model with the live axles removed. He was even concerned that the Defender would only be an SUV only by looks and not by performance. 

To his surprise, the Land Rover not only handled off-roading on rocky paths in Utah, but it handled well in Namibia with only two miles of pavement on a 498-mile journey. 

Each reviewer that drove the Defender for only a few feet, found themselves smiling. Getting behind the wheel makes you feel at home and gives you the urge to just go wherever it will take you. 

What does the Defender have that people want?

The new Land Rover Defender’s styling brings you back to its roots, to the original Land Rover vehicle. The architectural body frame installed on a British CJ Jeep. 

The frame itself is made of aluminum, much like what you find on the Range Rover and Discovery. Pushing it through rugged terrain is the independent suspension designed to work on off beaten paths that you don’t often travel on.

Other amenities that add to the thrill of the ride are a large number of cameras and ultrasonic wading sensors. There are also plenty of infotainment system features, like navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Add to that heated and ventilated seats and you’ve got an off-roading SUV that you may never want to leave. 

How do you get a Defender without spending the $46,000?


The 2021 Land Rover Defender Is an Equal-Opportunity Performer

Well, you can’t get the real deal without spending at least $46,000, but you can still get a matching Lego set of the Land Rover Defender for around $200. 

This set isn’t just a basic representation of the vehicle, though, it’s about true to life as you could possibly get on a smaller scale. In fact, Automobile magazine calls it an “engineering masterpiece”. 

The author spent a total of 13 hours putting the set together and actually enjoyed doing it. He was pleasantly surprised at how close it comes to the real thing, down to its complicated transmission, the intricate rear suspension, and even its rolling chassis. 

The fact that there are several moving parts on this set makes it even more desirable. It has an AWD system that comes with both low and high ranges. It also comes with moving pistons, a working winch, a working steering wheel, and doors that actually open and close. 

If the new Land Rover Defender is on your wish list, you can spend the $46,000 or so to buy the large-scale version to get around in. Or you can opt for the $200 Lego set that at least you can take part in and put together yourself.