Would You Rather Get the Volkswagen Arteon Or the Volvo S60?

The Volkswagen Arteon and the Volvo S60 are striking small luxury cars known for their smooth ride quality and attractive car cabins. These models may not be among drivers’ first choices for a luxury car, but the Arteon and S60 are worthy contenders. Which would you rather have?

What it’s like to drive the Volkswagen Arteon and the Volvo S60

The Arteon and the S60 offer two completely different flavors when it comes to performance. With the S60, you get a more potent driving experience while the Arteon is more of a relaxed ride. There are two engine options on the 2020 S60. Base S60 models come with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that makes 250-horsepower. Volvo also offers a turbo- and supercharged four-cylinder engine on the S60 that generates 316-hp. You might also want to take a look at the S60 Plug-In Hybrid

Critics like S60 because of its power, but some aren’t sold on its eight-speed automatic transmission. For example, Consumer Reports notes that the S60’s transmission shifts well enough but also says that it makes the car feel jolty. The S60 does get extra points for its above-average fuel economy. 

On the flip side, the 2020 Arteon gets credit for its smooth eight-speed automatic and 268-hp, 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Overall, the Arteon is enjoyable to drive, but some critics have found its performance to be underwhelming. As far as fuel economy goes, the Arteon is average.

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Interior features 

Volvo S60 interior | Volvo

Even though they’re small, the Arteon and S60 offer spacious cabins that can seat up to five people. Both models come standard with faux leather upholstery and can be upgraded with items such as a heated steering wheel and a heated rear seat. The S60 offers a little more in regards to extra goodies, though. For instance, the Arteon has an optional massaging driver’s seat while the S60 offers ventilated and massaging front seats.

Both the Arteon and S60 come with plenty of infotainment features and advanced safety equipment. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and satellite radio are standard on both of these models. The Arteon comes with more standard features here, such as a wifi hotspot and HD Radio. These models are almost evenly matched when it comes to advanced safety. The Arteon and S60 both come with forward-collision warning and pedestrian detection.

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Volkswagen Arteon
Volkswagen Arteon | Volkswagen

We can’t thoroughly compare the Arteon and the S60 in regards to reliability. VW first introduced the Arteon in 2019, so there isn’t much data on it. Consumer Reports gave the 2020 Arteon an average reliability rating. On the other hand, CR gave the S60 a below-average score for dependability. The 2020 S60 has been recalled twice for potential issues with its automatic emergency braking system and front seatbelts. 

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Final thoughts

The 2020 Arteon starts at $35,995, and the 2020 S60 starts at $36,050. Both of these models offer engaging driving dynamics and luxurious interior features. The S60 is a good choice, but we find that the Arteon is a more well-rounded opinion.