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Ford’s managed to top its 7.3-liter monster of an engine (the aptly named Godzilla). The Megazilla is a turned up version of this heavy-duty pickup truck V8. How turned up? Try 615 horsepower and 638 lb-ft of torque, turned up. And it’s a minor feet that Ford accomplished these numbers without a supercharger. But considering the prices, a blower might have been cheaper.

Crate engines that command nosebleed prices are nothing new. For example, Dodge sold the 807-horsepower (Redeye) tune of the SRT-supercharged Hellcat engine as the “Hellcrate.” How did that cost ? A cleverly priced $21,807. (Because it made 807 horsepower, get it?).

Photo of the V8 available in Super Duty Ford trucks.
7.3-liter Godzilla V8 | Ford Motor Company

Today, Dodge offers the “Hellephant,” which makes 1,025 horsepower in the Demon 170, as a crate engine. How much does it cost? $27,695. But remember, it makes over a grand of horsepower!

Upgrading the F-250 from its regular V8 to the 7.3-liter “Godzilla” forces you to add some appearance packages, etc. But the net price change is still just $9,610. So how much could the crate version possibly cost? A lot more.

The Megazilla will run you $22,995.

Yup, Ford is pricing this naturally-aspirated crate engine near SRT’s supercharged Redeye. But that’s not all. The 2024 Ford Maverick compact truck starts at $25,640. So you can almost get the cheapest Ford truck for less than the price of this crate engine. So is 615 horsepower enough to make you pay truck prices for this engine?

See the Megazilla for yourself in the video below: