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The Ford Mustang has been on the road since 1964, becoming the most successful product launch for Ford since the Model A. More than 50 years later, and the Mustang is still an integral part of the auto giant’s lineup. The vehicle has undergone many changes over the years, both in appearance and road capabilities. Unfortunately, the performance package on the 2020 Ford Mustang model fails to deliver, and could even pose a considerable safety hazard to consumers.

Trim options and packages for the 2020 Ford Mustang

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Ford is now offering nine trim options for the 2020 Ford Mustang, each unique in its own way. There are also six options for high-powered engines, with the 2020 Shelby GT500 being one of the most powerful V8 automobile engines in existence.

The EcoBoost Fastback is the most economical choice in the Mustang line, with a suggested starting price of $26,670. This model is available as a premium edition and also has a convertible option. It offers a 2.3L engine, giving this entry-level four-cylinder a powerful boost.

Next in line is the GT Fastback, which also has premium and convertible package choices, with a starting price of $35,630. This vehicle is a perfect combination of value and performance. The mid-line Bullitt offers a sexy 12″ LCD all-digital instrument panel that offers personalized features and color choices.

The Bullitt is the ultimate hot rod, with an exclusive active valve performance, that lets the driver control the exhaust system noise levels automatically.

The Shelby GT350 is a popular choice, with independent rear suspension and a standard six-speed manual transmission that is performance-oriented. It has a starting price tag of $60,440.

The pinnacle of the Mustang line is the Shelby GT500 which is being touted as “the most powerful street-legal Ford vehicle of all time.” Reaching a top speed of 186mph, this car is built for adrenaline junkies.

2020 Ford Mustang performance package

The 2020 Ford Mustang offers a performance package that includes heavy-duty springs, chassis tuning, and a sleek accent stripe running down the hood. The package also has 19″ aluminum wheels with an electronic line-lock feature.

The downside of this package, however, is that the installed tires are summer performance. These tires don’t handle well in cold weather and could pose a considerable safety risk. According to Consumer Reports, “the Pirelli P Zero tires take forever to heat up for optimal performance.” They highly recommend replacing the Pirellis for all-season performance tires that will withstand “real-world driving.”

What are summer performance tires?

Ford uses summer performance tires on its Mustang line because of the superior traction capabilities they offer in fast driving situations. These tires perform well in both wet and dry road conditions and provide precision handling of the vehicle. They are meant for warm weather, so the grip changes when the road gets colder.

When temperatures get below 44 degrees, summer tires can crack, quickly becoming a road hazard. According to Auto Trends Magazine, driving on summer tires in temperatures below freezing “can do permanent damage to these tires, making them unsafe for use.”

Why do high-performance vehicles use summer performance tires?

High-performance vehicles, like the Ford Mustang, typically use summer performance tires because of their precision responsiveness and ability to brake on a dime. Summer performance tires are made of softer rubber, which allows more tire to meet the street.

They also offer a unique tread pattern that prevents hydroplaning in wet road conditions. Summer tires are a great option for the race track, but not a good choice for local trips around town, especially in the winter.