Here’s What the Mid-Engine Corvette’s Z51 Package Gives You

The newest Chevrolet Corvette is here, and fans are ready to enjoy it to its full potential. If you’re looking to get the most out of your new Stingray, you’re going to want to purchase it with the Z51 Performance Package. With this package, drivers will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just under three seconds, faster than any other entry Corvette.

Speed is definitely a big selling point, but it’s not the only thing included in this bundle. The Z51 Performance Package comes with many other essential add-ons to make your Corvette even more of a serious performance bargain.

Magnetic Ride Control

This fast-reacting damping system accurately responds to driver inputs to make every drive smooth and easy. The system has three modes: Tour Mode for everyday driving, Sport Mode for rough roads, and Track mode for tackling the toughest road conditions. Performance Traction Management is also included.

Electronic Limited Slip Differential

Designed with a specific axle ratio, the limited-slip differential regulates the torque between the Corvette’s rear tires. This gives the driver added stability and great cornering capability behind the wheel. Because it can effectively shift the power away from a wheel that’s losing traction, your tires won’t wear down as quickly.

Bigger Brake Rotors

Without good brake rotors, you wouldn’t be able to stop your car. The Performance Package’s brake rotors are larger to help you brake faster. The calipers are embossed with the Z51 logo.

Powerful Cooling Systems

It takes a lot of power to race at high speeds, which can make it very hot under the hood of your car. To prevent your engine from getting overheated, a good cooling system is essential. The enhanced cooling system from the Performance Package improves the airflow throughout your vehicle so that both you and your engine can stay cool.

Unique Splitter and Spoiler

The front splitter and rear-end spoiler help balance your vehicle. The ones included in the Z51 Performance Package create 400 pounds of downforce while driving. The more downforce you have, the more easily you’ll be able to make sharp turns.

Brake Cooling Inlets

Brake systems that are kept at an ideal temperature will last for years. Overheated brake systems can lead to decreased functionality. The front brake cooling inlets in this package supply air directly to the brake rotors and pads. 

Michelin’s Performance Tires

The Michelin brand is known for producing some of the highest-quality tires on the market. The Stingray will be the first sports car to be equipped with these tires. A set of Michelin PS4 summer performance tires are included in the Performance Package. 

Performance Suspension with Spring Seats

The Z51 package comes with a wide variety of parts for the best performance from your suspension, including stabilizer bars, shocks, and control arms. Some racecars need minor tweaks for optimum track performance, like ride height and corner weight adjustments. This will be easier with the inclusion of threaded spring seats that are fully adjustable for the driver’s needs.

Performance Exhaust

The 2020 Stingray is designed to be pushed to its limits, so a powerful exhaust system is a necessity. Exhaust leaks can result in reduced fuel-efficiency and power, and often need immediate repair to prevent more serious issues. The Z51 Package features an exhaust system specifically designed for performance racing.

Chevrolet has yet to release details about the price of the Z51 Performance Package. The base MSRP for the new 2020 Corvette is just under $60k, already making it a sizable investment. However, considering all the features it offers, it’s worth stretching your budget.