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A truck is meant to be used, whether it’s for work or play. No matter what you use your truck the most for, it needs to be protected. Grille guards are accessories that can be added to the front of your truck to protect its most vulnerable areas when you need it most. Shelling out the money for a grille guard now can save you hundreds of dollars down the line.

But with so many options out there, how do you know which grille guards will do the best job at protecting your truck? Here are just four of the best-rated and most-durable grille guards you can get for your truck today.

Westin HDX grille guard

The HDX grille guard by Westin offers complete protection to the front-end of most pickups. All Westin grille guards come with a three-year or limited lifetime warranty, depending on the finish of the grille guard you choose.

The HDX option is made with a 2-inch tubular design and a full punch plate center grille that completely protects your truck’s grille. According to Westin, the one-piece construction and almost three-inch-wide rubber strips make the HDX grille guard extremely durable. And if you’re wanting a show-stopping grille guard, the HDX is also available in an LED option.

The HDX LED Grille Guard is designed with an 11-gauge steel frame with a laser-cut Westin logo, a double row combo LED light bar, two single-row LED light bars, LED-bar adjustability, and an easy, bolt-on installation.

Steelcraft grille guard

Steelcraft Automotive’s grille guard is extremely heavy-duty, according to AutoAccessories Garage. It is made from a solid, one-piece construction that covers every vulnerable part of the front of your pickup.

The grille guard by Steelcraft protects your grille, as well as your lights in a functional but stylish way. You can choose between a black powder coat or polished stainless steel finish, for almost any make/model truck available. According to Steelcraft Automotive, its grille guards come with pre-drilled holes for auxiliary lights, protective rubber strips, frame-mounted upper brackets, and removable headlight guards.

If you opt for the black powder coat finish, the grille guard comes with a three-year warranty. Choose the stainless steel finish and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Aries grille guard

You can choose between the standard grille guard and the Pro Series grille guard by Aries, available for a wide variety of trucks. In fact, the experts at recommend an Aries grille guard for both the Nissan Titan and Jeep Wrangler.

Extremely versatile, both grille guard options come in either a black-powder or stainless-steel finish. The standard Aries Grille Guard offers a classic look, but also customizable with pre-drilled holes in the crossbar for mounting LED lights.

Opt for the upgraded Pro Series and according to Aries, and you’ll get a “patented LED light bar housing and interchangeable cover plate.” The Pro Series also features an ultra-durable, one-piece, powder-coated steel construction.

Ranch Hand Legend guard

The Legend grille guard by Ranch Hand can fit most Chevrolet, Ford, Ram, Jeep, Toyota, and GMC trucks and SUVs, though the experts at claim it’s the best grille guard for Chevy Silverados.

The one-piece construction, wrap-around design, and mesh grille covering help to completely protect the front-end of your truck in a real, heavy-duty way. It’s also built with an “an angled center pipe, meaning you will get extra center support.”

Not just built to protect, it offers any truck a rugged, customized look. According to Ranch Hand, its Legend grille guard is made with 12-gauge steel tubing and custom-punch inserts that match your truck brand’s grille pattern perfectly. The Legend grille guard can even accommodate the cameras and sensors of newer trucks and SUVs.