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Most people want to look good, and that applies to their cars too. Sometimes, a car will come out of the dealership looking awesome, but other times, it’s up to the owners to spruce things up a bit. That said, there are plenty of accessories that just don’t look good to have on your truck, and here are five of them.

Truck nuts

We get it. Nuts are funny, if you’re in middle school at least. Even if you’re in high school and you’re driving around in a truck, it’s still frankly sad to have truck nuts hanging on the backside of your truck. And if you’re older than that and you still think truck nuts are funny, well, good for you.

Simply said, if you’re an adult and you’re driving around with truck nuts on your truck, then people are going to judge you. It might’ve been a funny gift from a friend, but if you put those truck nuts on, then everyone’s judging you. Maybe cover those truck nuts up next time.

Family and self-righteous stickers

There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your family. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of yourself. And there’s nothing wrong with putting stickers on your car that says those things. If you’re driving around in a sedan or a minivan, it may even be expected of you to have those stickers on your car. But not on your truck. 

It’s not even annoying or juvenile like truck nuts are, it’s just strange to have on a truck as an accessory. Not only does it clash with the image of what a truck driver should be, but it’s also kind of pointless. One drive in a muddy environment and those stickers are gone. And even if they aren’t, everyone’s going to give you the stink eye for them.

Ridiculously large wheels

It’s totally fun if you’re a fan of monster trucks and you want to drive around in a monster truck of your own. But everyone who looks at your big wheeled truck will be thinking the same thing, if you’re a man at least. 

If you’re a woman, then they’ll probably be a bit confused but then they’ll move along. But if you’re a man, then everyone will just assume that you’re compensating for something. No one knows for sure what that may be, but it might be related to those truck nuts you have hanging around.


Putting smokestacks on your car raises multiple red flags to onlookers. First of all, you’re not fooling anyone, you’re driving a pickup truck, not a semi-truck. Second of all, and this goes back to the issue with having wheels that are too large on your truck, but everybody’s going to think that you’re compensating for something. 

On top of that, people who modify their truck to roll coal just gives truck drivers a bad image. Adding smoke stacks onto your truck as an accessory doesn’t mean you roll coal, but it won’t stop people from thinking that you do. The last thing trucks need is to be stereotyped as being terrible for the environment again.

Lamborghini style doors

It’s one thing to try to make your truck more stylish, but it doesn’t work when nobody thinks it looks stylish other than yourself. If you only care about your own opinion, more power to you. But trying to put Lamborghini style doors onto your truck just doesn’t work.

It’ll work for your sedans. It’ll work for your cheap sports car. But it won’t work for your truck. Like having family stickers on your truck, these two things just don’t go together.