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The Ford Taurus is perhaps one of the best sedans of all time. The automaker produced it from 1985 to 2019. However, they made it a full-size car for its final production years. This was a popular car that also happened to be affordable, which is why many wonder why Ford discontinued the Taurus. It was popular throughout its run, but, of course, nothing lasts forever.  

Here’s why the Ford Taurus is no longer in production. 

Why can’t you buy a new Ford Taurus?

Ford Taurus from the 90s
1992 Ford Taurus | Photo by National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/ via Getty Images

The Ford Taurus was one of those cars you’d see all over the place. This is the same for many of the other best sedans, such as the Camry or the Accord. It was a true American automotive icon. However, people rarely discuss the car nowadays, which isn’t the case with other long-running nameplates.

So, why did Ford stop producing the Taurus? There are a few reasons for the decision. For one, sales of the Ford Taurus had decreased over time. The previously mentioned Toyota and Honda cars surpassed it in sales in the late 1990s, and the Nissan Altima passed it up in 2005. Additionally, the automaker wanted to focus on trucks and SUVs, as even the best sedans were falling out of fashion.

So, because of all the competition and the decreased dominance of sedans, Ford announced in 2018 that the car would be no more. The final car rolled off the assembly line in 2019. However, the Taurus wasn’t alone, as the automaker also discontinued the Fiesta, Fusion, and Focus.

The Taurus didn’t end as one of the best sedans

There are a few reasons why people don’t discuss the Ford Taurus like they do other discontinued cars. For one, Ford actually first made the decision to stop making the car in 2006. However, the automaker had a change of heart in 2008 and brought it back. The problem is that the revamped version wasn’t the same. Instead, it was more upscale. However, the same competition existed. 

The change in the Ford Taurus also made it unaffordable for many people who would have previously bought it. Not only that, but the quality dipped, and many people started to see the car as unreliable. As proof, the last model to score 80 or above from J.D Power was the 2012 Taurus. Regarding sales, the car sold about 196,919 units in 2005. This number dwindled to 13,423 by its final year, which shows a drastic loss in interest.