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We get some pretty cool Honda models here in the U.S. – especially since we finally have the Civic Type R – but Europe seems to get cooler ones that we’ve never even heard of. For example, they had the Civic Type R since the turn of the century and even had a couple of Civic body styles throughout the years that make ours look about as nice as a Chevy Caprice.

The main reason for the difference in models between the U.S and Europe is due to the difference in demographics. Apparently, not everyone across the pond needs a Pilot or Ridgeline, but they do have the CR-V, HR-V, Clarity, and NSX over there, along with a couple of others that we don’t get. Here are a few more European Honda models that we wish we had.

Honda Jazz Crosstar

2020 Honda Jazz
2020 Honda Jazz | Honda

The Honda Jazz has been the same car as the Honda Fit for years, but for the model year 2020, the Honda Jazz in the European market is a departure from the spunky little U.S. hatchback that the brand just killed off. The Jazz even has the same “magic seat.” However, everything else is a little different. The 2020 Jazz looks to have the same architecture as the Fit but wears different front and rear fascias. Instead of the more aggressive lines and character found on the Fit, the Jazz has a more rounded design and bulbous headlights.

It’s an interesting look, but what’s more interesting is that it comes standard with a hybrid powertrain, Honda Sensing, and a futuristic two-spoke steering wheel. A more rugged-looking Crosstar trim level is available, but it looks like it’s mainly just a black contrasting roof, different wheel, and plastic fender flares for what Honda calls “SUV-inspired ruggedness.”

2020 Honda Jazz
2020 Honda Jazz Interior | Honda

Honda E

We think that the Honda E is arguably one of the best-looking small cars that the automaker has ever produced. The all-electric hatchback is equal parts retro as it is futuristic and we especially like the fact that it’s an all-electric car with a  rear-wheel drivetrain. It produces more torque than a Civic Si (232 lb-ft) and gets to 60 mph in about 8 seconds. We don’t even mind that it only has a 125-mile range, that’s technically all most people need anyway. However, we sadly won’t be getting it here in the U.S.

A white 2021 Honda E next to a concrete structure and grass
2021 Honda E | Honda

2014 Honda Civic Tourer

Civic Tourer
2014 Civic Tourer

The Honda Civic Tourer isn’t a new or current model, in fact, it was last in production in Europe in the 2014 model year. However, it looks really functional, so much so that it can fit four massive suitcases in the large cargo area, which even has a lower storage compartment. As you can guess, it was based on the Civic platform at the time and came with either a 1.6-liter diesel or a 1.8-liter gas engine. To make it even more versatile, Honda even included the rear “magic seat” found in our current Fit model. It’s too bad there’s not much of a market for wagons here in the U.S., otherwise, we might have gotten a Civic Tourer like this as well.  

Civic Tourer
Civic Tourer | Honda

We’ll keep our fingers crossed

While we can wish on our lucky stars that the U.S. market can get cool cars like the one over in Europe, the harsh reality is that we have a different market here and different tastes. Those reasons, coupled with our stringent safety standards, likely means that we won’t be getting anything cool. But at least we still have the Civic Type R and the NSX, so let’s count our blessings.


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