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The Toyota Camry is a popular midsize car. Toyota’s Camry nameplate has existed since 1982. There’s a reason that the Camry has survived for over four decades. It’s unlikely to be discontinued anytime soon, either. However, SUVs have taken the automotive industry by storm, often outselling every sedan and coupe on the market. This might make you wonder, is there an SUV equivalent to the Toyota Camry folks are so crazy about?

Which Toyota SUV is comparable to the Camry?

A white 2024 Toyota Camry midsize sedan is driving on a track.
The 2024 Toyota Camry | Toyota

Unlike the Toyota Corolla, there’s no SUV nameplate that’s made in the image of the Toyota Camry. That being said, there’s a Toyota SUV that shares several traits with the Camry.

3 things the Toyota Camry and Highlander have in common

A white Toyota Camry (L), a white Toyota Highlander (R) are driving.
The Toyota Camry (L), the Toyota Highlander (R) | Toyota
  • Long-term reliability
  • More practical than many segment rivals
  • Popular among consumers because of their value proposition

If the Toyota Camry does have a close relative in the SUV class, it’s the Toyota Highlander midsize SUV. Toyota began producing the Highlander in 2000. It has since become a staple in its segment and is one of the longest-lasting SUVs ever sold, alongside models like the Toyota Land Cruiser and Sequoia.

What makes the Toyota Camry one of the best midsize cars?

Easy Accord fans. The Camry’s position as one of the best cars in its segment doesn’t discredit any rivals. That being said, this nameplate deserves its props.

Quickness and great handling are admirable, but thousands of Americans value practicality and affordability over any performance traits. The Toyota Camry has been battling the Honda Accord for decades. Honda’s midsize car has built a strong reputation of its own, but the Camry is the model that’s more closely associated with longevity. It’s a best-selling vehicle that truly shines over the long haul, not just in its first few years of ownership.

Toyota Camry specs

Starting MSRP$26,420
Power Output203 Horsepower, 184 LB-FT of Torque
MPG28 City, 39 Highway
2024 Toyota Camry specs.

The new Toyota Camry midsize SUV is relatively affordable for its segment. It’s a more expensive choice over the smaller Corolla, but its cabin and cargo space make up for the price difference. If you plan on regularly traveling with two or more passengers, the Camry is a better choice than the Corolla.

Additionally, Toyota offers a hybrid version of the midsize car. It’s more expensive but significantly more efficient.

3 differences between the Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid

  • The Toyota Camry Hybrid costs $2,435 more than the internal combustion engine version
  • Camry Hybrids get 52 miles per gallon combined (20 more MPG than gas Camry)
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid makes 176 Horsepower, 163 LB-FT of torque

Is the 2023 Toyota Highlander right for you?


The Cheapest Toyota SUV’s Cheapest Trim Sacrifices Too Much For Savings

Toyota’s midsize SUV isn’t the quickest or flashiest model in its segment. Frankly, it isn’t even the most affordable. The most appealing trait the Highlander has to offer is its reliability and longevity. Consumers know that when they get a Highlander midsize SUV, they’re purchasing a safe family vehicle that should outlast many of its competitors.

Starting MSRP$36,620
Power Output265 Horsepower, 310 LB-FT of Torque
MPG22 City, 29 Highway
2023 Toyota Highlander specs.

The Toyota Highlander is a great option for families that want a dependable midsize SUV that won’t break the bank. Is the Highlander right for you?