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Safety is an obvious priority for anyone shopping for a new minivan. Pragmaticism, price, and features are important considerations, but safety is paramount in a family hauler. So, which 2024 minivan has the best safety ratings?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the 2024 Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey lead the pack.

The 2024 Sienna and Odyssey are named Top Safety Pick+ models by the IIHS. A model must have “good” ratings, the best available, in several crash test categories to earn the designation. Additionally, these models must be equipped with headlights that are rated at “acceptable” or “good.” Finally, they must offer mid-level “advanced” or top-tier “superior” ratings for day and nighttime vehicle-to-pedestrian front crash prevention systems.

The 2024 Sienna scored the top rating in all crash tests aside from the IIHS’ moderate overlap front updated test. It earned a “marginal” score. Marginal is above “poor” but below acceptable and good.

The Sienna earned the highest marks for its standard headlights and acceptable ratings for vehicle-to-pedestrian crash avoidance system.

The Sienna’s seat belt reminder and LATCH systems were both given the top score. It is the only minivan to earn top marks in those categories.

A white 2024 Toyota Sienna
2024 Toyota Sienna | Toyota

The 2024 Odyssey earned similarly positive scores in crash tests, though it was rated poor in the moderate overall front updated test. The test involves a vehicle crashing into a barrier at 40 mph with 40 percent of its width contacting the barrier. The IIHS’ updated test includes a greater focus on rear passenger safety with a revised dummy. Its size represents “a small woman or average 12-year-old.” The IIHS noted the Odyssey test showed a “likely risk of injury to the neck or head” and a moderate chest injury risk for rear passengers. Poor is the worst rating in the test.   

The 2024 Chrysler Pacifica earns a Top Safety Pick award. The designation shows a model scored “good” in several crash tests, has either acceptable or good ratings for its headlights and updated side test crash results, and positive ratings for its daytime vehicle-to-pedestrian front crash prevention. As such, there is less criteria for a model to achieve versus earning a Top Safety Pick+ award.

The Pacifica earned top scores for crashworthiness in most categories. However, it was rated as marginal in the moderate overlap front updated test and “acceptable” in the updated side crash test. Its headlights and the ease of use for its LATCH system were rated acceptable. Its seat belt reminders are rated marginal.

The 2024 Kia Carnival earns mostly positive crash test results, but several brought down its overall score. The Carnival was rated poor, the lowest score, in the IIHS updated side crash test. A second-row captain’s chair “became detached from the floorplan” in the Carnival’s original test. The IIHS noted “such separations should not occur.” Kia later modified the Carnival’s seat rails to address the issue, but the Carnival was still rated “poor” overall despite the update.

The Carnival earned a marginal score in the moderate overall front updated test.

The Carnival’s optional headlights, fitted to upper models, were given top marks, but the standard headlights earned the worst possible score. Its daytime front crash avoidance system was given the highest score and rated “basic” for nighttime use. Kia’s minivan also earned acceptable scores for its seat belt reminders and the ease of using its LATCH system.

Of note, the NHTSA also publishes safety ratings for new models. The latest Sienna, Pacifica and Odyssey all earned a five-star overall safety rating, the top score. The organization has not rated the Carnival.