What’s So Great About Honda Cars?

Honda cars are a symbol of Honda brand reliability, durability, and performance to a vast spectrum of brand loyalists. In addition, popular cars like the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord attract new buyers each year. The more people own and drive models like the Honda Fit or Insight, the more popular they become. Plus no one will ever deny the fact that there are ancient Honda cars still driving around all over the place.

But what makes Honda cars so great? Why do people buy models like the Honda Insight or the Civic in such massive numbers? Let’s look a little further into what makes these cars popular.

Honda reliability

According to Repair Pal, Honda’s brand reliability rated above average. A 4 out of 5 rating from Repair Pal puts the Honda brand No. 1 among 31 others for all-around reliability. This rating is based on a large number of different models from Honda. The Honda Accord, for example, has a 4.5 out of 5 reliability rating from Repair Pal.

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. H Yamada walk pass the all new Honda Accord car during its launch in New Delhi, 10 June 2003
The 2003 Honda Accord | PRAKASH SINGH/AFP via Getty Images

The average cost per repair is low too. $428 per year is a low annual average repair cost compared to the general average of $652. Due to the fact that this “includes both scheduled maintenance and unscheduled repairs,” this is pretty impressive. The Honda Civic exemplifies this with a Repair Pal average annual repair cost of just $368.

The frequency of Honda repairs is 0.3 times per year. In terms of severity, Honda brand reliability is strong as well. The severity rating for all Honda models is 10%. This means that most Honda cars needing repair have problems that aren’t urgent. In addition, most of the issues are straightforward to repair and on the affordable side of things.

A red 2021 Accord Hybrid parked in front of a house with trees in the background
The 2021 Honda Accord on display | Photo via Honda

Legendary performance

Take a Honda Civic Type R for a spin and you’ll immediately the level of performance that Honda is capable of. This model is what Car and Driver calls “the fleetest front-wheel-drive car we’ve ever tested.” It comes from a long line of engineered performance on a variety of different engines and designs.

2018 Honda Fit in the mountains. Models like the fit exemplify the brand reliability.
2018 Honda Fit | Honda

It’s no secret that Honda is a brand of excellence on many fronts. No brand is perfect, and it’s hard to honestly pinpoint which auto brand is the absolute best. But most will say Honda is certainly up there in one of the top spots.

In racing divisions such as Formula 1, Honda engines have seen quite a bit of success as well. According to the Honda in Motorsport Wikipedia page, the first Formula 1 for Honda was the in 1964. The year after, Honda earned a history-making win at the Mexican Grand Prix. This big win made Honda the first Japanese Formula 1 car to win a race.

The Insight is a fuel-efficient hybrid-powered vehicle.
2021 Honda Insight | Honda

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Honda cars are award winning models

The Honda Insight, for example, won the title of an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick+ award. Honda cars win awards regularly. In the year 2020, Honda has remained consistent by wining a host of awards.

For example, this year Honda won Kelley Blue Book’s “Best Value Brand” award. According to Honda News, the Honda Accord won an award for having the “Best 5-Year Cost to Own.” The Honda Fit won the “Best Subcompact Car for the Money” award from U.S. News and World Report. The reason Hondas are so popular and well-loved is because they are of high quality with a good cost to own and great durability. Honda cars offer buyers a good car with highly practical fundamental elements.