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Summer is upon us, and cheap new lawn mowers are on many homeowners’ minds when it comes to property maintenance. However, buying a new or used lawn mower in the wrong season could cost you more than you’d like. So, what time of year boasts the cheapest bounty of self-propelled and riding lawn mowers?

What is the best month to buy a lawn mower?

A rack displays cheap lawn mowers at a retailer.
A rack of self-propelled mowers | Steve Parsons, PA Images via Getty Images

When it comes to new mowers, your best bet is to wait for a promotion or sale. According to Forbes, many purveyors of new mowers will have discounts and events for lawn equipment around the Memorial Day timeframe (late May). 

Moreover, peak summer holidays like Independence Day (July 4th) and Labor Day (the first Monday in September) often feature events. Whether you’re looking for a simple self-propelled or a riding lawn mower, checking out one of these events could save you money.

Wright Manufacturing agrees that spring and late summer can yield good deals on equipment like mowers. During these timeframes, small retailers and large stores like Home Depot and Lowes have lots of inventory to meet the demand for fair-weather lawn care. Of course, some homeowners or renters in states with compliant climates can buy at their convenience, although picking a discount event is still worthwhile.   

Do lawn mowers go on sale in winter?

A young child sits on new and used riding lawn mowers.
A young child sits on a riding mower | Jim R. Bounds, Bloomberg via Getty Images

While many markets, like sports cars, incentivize potential owners to stick to the off-season for low prices, winter has the potential to be problematic for lawn mowers. Large retailers tend to schedule discounts and events for the complimentary time of year. For instance, a big store like Home Depot might discount mowers in the spring and fire pits in the winter. 

Moreover, buying equipment like a riding lawn mower in the winter could limit your ability to assess whether you made the right purchase. If your mower resides in a shed or garage during the colder months, it will be tricky to discern problems and defects or whether it suits your property. 

How often should you buy a new lawn mower?

A used green and yellow John Deere X300 riding lawn mower sits on a showroom floor.
John Deere X300 | Daniel Acker, Bloomberg via Getty Images

In short: you should buy a new lawn mower as needed. However, a good rule of thumb is to assess the value of repairing versus replacing. Replacing your mower is likely the better option if it is five or more years old. 

However, depending on the make and model, some larger equipment will carry a factory warranty for 24 months or more. 

Should you buy a used lawn mower instead of a new one?

A bright-yellow Cub Cadet XT1 shows off its knobby tires.
Cub Cadet XT1 | Cub Cadet

A used lawn mower has the potential to be a much more affordable option than a new model. However, new models feature the latest technology and an intact warranty, something an older mower might not have.

For instance, saving money on a used riding lawn mower with an old-school manual transmission might seem acceptable. However, newer models with a hydrostatic transmission promise smoother throttle application for easier cutting.


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