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Joe Rogan has always been rather skeptical of electric cars and has even made some unflattering comments about them over the years. That all seems to have changed, as Rogan now claims these cars are the “future.” What happened to cause Joe Rogan to suddenly change his mind about Tesla and electric cars? Let’s take a closer look.

Joe Rogan’s podcast guest

In 2018, Joe Rogan invited Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk onto his podcast. During the show, Rogan agreed to purchase a Tesla. According to Rogan, the fact that Musk appeared on his show meant that he “owed him a solid.”

“I’m a man of my word”, Rogan stated. He made this commitment despite having driven an electric vehicle four or five years ago and not having a great experience.

Less than a week after making good on his promise, Rogan seemed to have completely changed his mind on electric vehicles. It wasn’t long until he was promoting the Tesla in social media posts as well as his podcasts. Rogan proclaimed that he felt as though he was living in the future.

Joe Rogan touting the benefits of Tesla and other EVs

Trying the Tesla for himself has definitely changed the way Joe Rogan feels about Tesla and other electric cars. He now calls his Tesla “preposterous”, claiming that it is the fastest car he has ever driven. According to Rogan, not even his Porsche can match the Tesla’s power. Apparently he enjoys his new Tesla so much that he now says regular cars are “stupid” because they “don’t work as good.”

Another benefit noted by Rogan was the fact that Teslas “drive themselves.” He touted the benefits of having the car automatically change lanes or brake whenever there was another vehicle ahead of him. Rogan mentioned the fact that these automobiles stay within the speed limit, so you can basically “zone out” so long as you keep your hands on the steering wheel.

Blowback from friends

Just because the commentator is now sold on electric vehicles doesn’t mean that everyone is. In particular, Rogan noticed that he had received a great deal of blowback from friends about his Tesla purchase.

He claimed that his manhood had even been questioned because of his newfound love of electric cars. His friends may have said these things in jest; however, it is not uncommon for new electric automobile owners to experience the same kind of teasing.

Electrek’s reaction

Despite the pushback, Electrek believes that Rogan’s acceptance of the Tesla will go a long way toward changing attitudes about them. In particular, they remarked that “Joe Rogan is a highly influential person with his massively popular podcast and he has been known to promote products that he loves all the time. On top of that, the fact that he is a gearhead and he is showing a willingness to try electric vehicles makes it even more meaningful.”

Electrek had been frustrated at Rogan’s past ramblings, which they felt were based on misinformation. So they are pleased that he decided to give Tesla a try. They are even happier about the fact that he is now using his platform to talk about electric vehicles in a positive manner.

The future of Tesla and electric cars

Rogan may have purchased the Tesla because he promised to, but he really did not expect to love it the way he does. Since he has taken the leap, it’s likely that many of his followers will as well.

Time will tell whether listeners of his podcast will have the same change in attitude that Joe Rogan has had. Some think his promotions will only continue to build as his time with the car increases. One thing is for sure, Tesla can use all the help it can get.