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Yamaha has been setting new standards for the boating industry for many years now, and the Japanese company has done it again. Its new outboard is the most powerful Yamaha has released up to this point, and the critics are impressed. Here’s what we found out about this incredible new outboard.

The Yamaha XTO Offshore is a powerful outboard 

Yamaha’s new XTO Offshore V8 outboard generates an impressive 425 or 450 hp at 6,000 RPM. There are four valves per cylinder, for a total of 32 valves, according to Yamaha Outboard. The previous most powerful outboard from Yamaha had only 375 hp.

Of course, it’s not one of the lightest outboards on the market, as it weighs 437 kg (963 lbs), 448 kg (988 lbs), or 458 kg (1010 lbs) depending on which outboard you get. This is a very powerful outboard designed with larger boats in mind, however, which explains the extra weight.

The Yamaha XTO is introducing new tech and major improvements

Yamaha has developed a new Phase Angle Control Charging System that Yamaha Outboards reports is an Innovation Award-winning new system. It can produce up to 96 amps of charging power while the boat is idling. It is designed to charge the batteries first, so you have more peace of mind as you head out on the water.

Something else that will help you save power is the pump stop power tilt limit. This is designed to shut off when it reaches the maxim tilt setting. 

There are also some firsts on the Yamaha XTO, like all-electric steering. The integrated digital electronic steering highly impressed BarcheaMotore. This gives your boat a smoother ride thanks to the improved maneuverability, but it is advised that you continue to be careful while walking around the boat when it is in motion. It works by directly receiving signals from the electric helm to the integrated steering control unit.

If you have a virtual anchor in position, there is an integrated stern light that will activate. If you’re in a straight or trying to moor, there is a reverse thrust that can help you maneuver with greater ease.

Given the rising cost of fuel, many boat lovers will be pleased with the direct-injection four-stroke. This is more efficient than previous iterations and maximizes the power. It works by spraying fuel at high pressure directly into the combustion chamber. 

The TotalTilt function system with integrated tilt limit helps if you need to remove the outboard from the water. There are two colors now available on the Yamaha XTO. You can choose the trademark Yamaha gray or a pearlescent white. 

How does the new Yamaha XTO Offshore compare to other motors?

While the 450 hp engine is highly impressive, there are other brands out there that do so as well. Take Mercury Marine, for example. It developed a 450-hp engine back in 2019 that is rather impressive in its own right. Mercury also offers a three-year warranty against corrosion, which is the only one offered in the industry. 

Suzuki is another direct competitor of Yamaha, and its prices are typically cheaper. Many Suzuki motors include a 5-year warranty. The Yamaha XTO Offshore does as well, so there’s no difference there.

If you’re looking for power, the Yamaha XTO Offshore is tough to beat thanks to its superior quality and reliability. It’s always a good idea to check around before committing to such a huge purchase, however. 


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