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Many celebrities are into cars, and many average Joes have attained celebrity status for their car obsessions. One average Joe who leveraged his mechanical skills to score a TV series is Joe Martin. After growing a successful shop in Texas that handles impressive restomod projects and winning Discovery’s Biker Build-Off competition, Martin landed a TV show. Here’s a look at his garage and Iron Resurrection series. 

‘Iron Resurrection’ is the perfect show for gearheads 

There’s nothing gearheads love more than watching rusted-out classic cars and motorcycles being brought back to life through epic restoration projects. That’s why MotorTrends’s Iron Resurrection is the perfect TV show for gearheads. Iron Resurrection began airing on the Discovery Channel, which owns MotorTrend, in 2016. The show’s sixth and latest season consists of 10 episodes released in the fall of 2022. 

All six seasons of Iron Resurrection follow Joe Martin and his crew as they source and restore classic cars and bikes at the Martin Bros Customs garage in the Texas hill country of Blanco County. The Martin Bros Customs Instagram page is a fun place to check out restomod projects that leave the shop. Martin routinely updates his nearly 190,000 Instagram followers on all the latest happenings. 

Meet the Martin Bros Customs crew

Along with Martin Bros Customs head honcho Joe Martin, Iron Resurrection features the whole crew working to bring every custom restomod to life. Joe started the garage with his brother, Jason Martin, but the two crew members who make the most prominent appearances alongside Joe on the show are his wife, Amanda Martin, and his good friend, Jayson “Shag” Arrington. 

Joe’s brother is still a part of Martin Bros Customs. However, he prefers to be behind the scenes when cameras are around and serves as one of the producers of Iron Resurrection. In contrast, Amanda and Shag are the personalities that help bring Martin Bros Customs to life on screen. Amanda, who has an extensive history in the banking industry, is co-owner of Martin Bros Customs and handles its finances. Shag’s responsibilities include sourcing cars, helping with builds, and running the marketing strategy. 

Where can you watch ‘Iron Resurrection’? 

Other crew members have come and gone since Iron Resurrection premiered in 2016, but the Martin brothers, Shag, and Amanda have remained staples. Gearheads looking to get caught up on all Iron Resurrection episodes can find them on MotorTrend with a Discovery+ subscription. 

Though no official release date has been announced, Car TV Shows confirmed that a new Iron Resurrection season is in the works. In the meantime, fans can also check out Shorty’s Dream Shop on MotorTrend. This original series features Javier “Shorty” Ponce’s classic restoration projects. Before opening his shop and landing his series with MotorTrend in 2022, Shorty was a mechanic at Martin Bros Customs and appeared on Iron Resurrection from 2016 to 2018.