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Two mechanic inspecting an engine of a red classic car.
Tips, Tricks & Trends

What Is a Restomoded Car?

You might have heard of a car restoration. But a restomod takes it to the next level. Do you know the difference between them?
A green-and-vanilla Icon 4x4 Old School Edition Thriftmaster pickup in a sunlit forest

Icon 4×4 Is Turning Classic Chevy Farm Trucks Into Luxury Rockets

Today, there’s no shortage of restomod companies ready to give your classic car, truck, or SUV the modern touch. And one of the most recognizable names in the business is Icon 4×4. The California-based company earned its reputation by restoring Toyota FJ40 Land Cruisers. But it now offers patina-d Derelict builds, as well as more …
A blue Volvo P1800 Cyan restomod drives around a racetrack

Volvo’s Racing Department Made a P1800 Restomod That You Can Buy

Polestar used to be Volvo’s racing division before it refocused on hybrids and EVs. However, in keeping with the Swedish automaker’s oft-hidden performance streak, Volvo didn’t abandon racing completely. Part of Polestar remained invested in racing and became Cyan Racing. And now, it’s created a road-going restomod based on one of the automaker’s early stylish …
Twisted Automotive's electric Land Rover Defender restomod painted in Malibu Yellow against an orange background

There’s an Electric Land Rover Defender Made Just for the US

Classic off-road SUVs like the Land Rover Defender may have honest, rough-and-tumble capability, but they’re neither efficient nor fast. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to swap out that old diesel or gasoline engine for an electric powertrain. In fact, several restomod shops now offer electric conversion options for their builds. UK-based Twisted Automotive, though, …
Blue Eagle Lightweight GT coupe in a studio

The Eagle Lightweight GT May Be the Ultimate Jaguar E-Type

Even outside the Porsche 911 community, classic car restomod builds are extremely popular. So much so, that a few automakers have built continuation models of their own iconic models. That includes Jaguar’s special lightweight versions of its iconic E-Type. But if you couldn’t get it, British company Eagle offers a version that might be better …
Red burned-out Ferrari F40 awaiting restoration in a shop
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Is a Destroyed Classic Car Worth Restoring?

While restomodding can be expensive, it is a great way to keep a classic car enjoyable on the road for longer. However, even though many restomod companies strip the donor cars down to the bare metal, not every donor will do. That’s the unfortunate part of classic car care: sometimes, restoring them isn’t possible. But …
Dark blue 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Valiant restomod on the track

The Valiant: An Aston Martin V8 Vantage Restomod for the Track

Though it has built continuation replicas of famous models, Aston Martin hasn’t featured too heavily in the restomod scene. Especially in the sportier parts of restomodding, like Gunther Werks’ 993-based 400R. Which makes sense, given that even the brand’s 911 competitor, the V8 Vantage, was more GT than a sports car. But one Nurburgring instructor …
1970 Icon Ford Ranger Reformer front

Thanks to Icon, This 1970 Ford Ranger Rides Again

Even before the latest-gen Ford Ranger was tackling overlanding routes and working commutes, the midsize pickup was a popular truck. But, although classic trucks have risen in value, not everyone’s prepared to deal with some of the frustrations that come with the rugged, old-school design. Fortunately, restomods offer a solution. Both OEMs and independent shops …
Zero Labs Classic Ford Bronco EV
Hybrids & Electrics

Zero Labs Charges Classic Ford Broncos to 600 Electric Hp

As the new Bronco finally breaks cover, it’ll probably be joined on- and off-road by some restomodded classic Ford Broncos. As these vintage SUVs’ values continue to rise, quite a few owners are upgrading from the original carbureted engines. Jay Leno put a 5.2-liter supercharged V8 in his ’68 Bronco, and Roush has providing Gateway …
Gildred Racing Super Cooper Type S

For Maximum Speed, Start with a Classic Mini Cooper

Classic cars trade modern safety for lightness and compactness. That’s why a 2.0-liter Caterham Seven can out-race a Bugatti Veyron. It’s also what makes the classic Mini Cooper so appealing. The originals weren’t particularly quick: the classic Mini pickup’s biggest engine was a 38-hp 1.0-liter. But they were extremely light, even for the day. Although …
Roush-tuned Gateway Broncos Ford Bronco restomod

Roush Can Give Your Classic Ford Bronco 600 Hp

As the new Bronco’s reveal date draws closer, interest in classic Ford Broncos continues to grow. And a popular way to help the old SUVs keep up with modern traffic is to restomod them, as Jay Leno did. The Bronco isn’t alone in this: classic Range Rovers, Chevy trucks, Jeep Wagoneers, even the Fiat Panda …