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What happens to cars after the model year has closed? Most of us know that previous model-year cars often sell at deep discounts, but for how long? Strangely, some dead car models, gone from the market for years, are still being sold. In fact, Stellantis sold 11 different dead car models as new during 2023. The cars sold might surprise you.

2016 Jeep Patriot posed at a campground. A version of this dead car model was sold in 2023.
2016 Jeep Patriot | Jeep

 Do you remember the Jeep Patriot?

The Jeep Patriot ended production in 2017 before Stellantis owned the brands under the former FCA family. This compact, square-bodied Jeep SUV was one of the most affordable and low-powered Jeeps in the market during its time. Strangely, six years after production ended, CarBuzz tells us one example of the Patriot was sold in 2023.

Six dead Chrysler car models sold new in 2023

The Chrysler 200 also ended production in 2017. That didn’t stop Chrysler dealers from selling four of them as new cars last year. Soon, the larger Chrysler 300 won’t be available any longer and could be part of this list, but not yet. In addition to the four sedans, two Chrysler Town & Country minivans sold as new last year, a few years after this van went out of production.

How many dead Dodge cars sold last year?

The two Dodge Vipers sold during 2023 could headline the list of dead Stellantis cars. This is another car that ended production in 2017, which seems to be a recurring theme in the Stellantis family.

In addition to the two Vipers sold, several other dead Dodge car models hit the roads. Among these were three Darts, 27 Caravans, and 36 Journeys. The Caravans and Journeys make sense. These vehicles were still in productoin long after the Dart. Still, we’re wondering where dealers stored the three Darts. The Dart ended productoin in 2016.

Several dead Italian Stellantis models hit the roads

Alfa Romeo and Fiat also fall under the Stellantis brand umbrella. Last year, one deleted Alfa Romeo 4C model sold as new. This is more interesting because it’s the one-off 4C Designer’s Cut model.

While looking at Italian brands in the Stellantis family, several dead Fiat models hit the streets in America. These include 28 Fiat 124 Spider sports coupes, sixteen Fiat 500 modes, and seven versions of the Fiat 500L, a car that many experts wish never existed.

These dead car models added just a little more to Stellantis’s sales totals last year. Just because an automaker ends production of a vehicle, if it’s still sitting on a dealership lot, it could be part of future sales.