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Whether it’s Serena Williams or the MLB Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez, most people are curious about the cars athletes drive. Of course, former NFL player Rob Gronkowski is no exception. Known for his tight money skills, Gronkowski is now offering young players some great advice regarding how to spend their money without completely blowing it.

He now owns two vehicles, according to Business Insider, and neither of them were purchased using his NFL contract earnings. Instead, he invests that money and spends money he earns from promotions. So what kind of cars are Rob Gronkowski driving these days?

Mercedes Benz S63

Even though he was playing for the Patriots, reports that Gronkowski still went car shopping with his dad for his Mercedes Benz S63. He didn’t know what he wanted, so he decided to rely on his dad for advice. 

At 6’6″ tall, Gronkowski was mainly concerned with getting a car that gave him plenty of legroom, while still giving any passengers behind him plenty of room to sit without feeling scrunched. This obviously wasn’t an easy feat, and it cut out many cars like the SLK or SLS

Rob Gronkowski was also interested in a car with more technology and high performance. He ultimately picked the S63 with Bluetooth and a great sound system. The S63 has 577 hp and all-wheel drive, so Gronkowski can go no matter what the weather dictates. 


CNBC reports that Gronkowski not only owns a Hummer, but gave one of his teammates advice on how to buy his own. While the teammate wasn’t named, apparently he had been told that since Hummers cost $22,000, it was too much for a young NFL star to swing. One of the biggest concerns was the cost of gas. 

Gronkowski asked his teammate what he was driving, and found out it was a rental car that costs $400 a month. That’s $400 that was going down the drain, leaving the player with nothing in return. Gronkowski reportedly stated, “He’s paying $400 a week for the last six weeks. I’m like, ‘Dude, hurry up and put the down payment on the Hummer. Go get the Hummer. You basically already bought it.'”

While Gronkowski didn’t state which model Hummer he drives, he obviously loves it because Hummers have been out of production since 2010. 


Yes, you read that correctly. Gronkowski not only uses Lyft on a regular basis when he is at away games, he once posed as a Lyft driver. ABC News shows the hilarious video in which Gronkowski picks up one rider after another. Shockingly, none of his passengers recognize him.

Even though he does endorsement ads for Honey Nut Cheerios and Dunkin Donuts, as well as promoting CBD products, Gronkowski was able to fool one passenger after another by wearing a blonde wig and a pair of sunglasses.

Gronkowski pretended to be an astrophysicist with one passenger, but his claims quickly fell apart as he was able to name a few planets, and nothing more. He did shine, however, as he grilled passengers on their New England Patriot knowledge.

Unfortunately, most of them knew little to nothing about football. Everyone knew who Tom Brady is, but most of his passengers had no idea who Gronkowski was. One passenger did claim to have personally met Gronkowski at a bar, but Gronkowski said that was untrue.

After one passenger admits that he is “unfortunately,” a Detroit Lions fan, Gronkowski says that his feelings were hurt because he’s a New England Patriots fan. This rather huge clue went over the passenger’s head, even though he did appear confused about why Gronkowski said his feelings were hurt.

Another passenger had no interest in sports beyond figure skating. After the big reveal, Gronkowski taught his passengers how to spike a football. For many of them, it may have been the first football they had ever held. None the less, everyone seemed to have a good time with him.