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Fans who follow celebrities are curious about the day-to-day details of a famous person’s life. Readers often check gossip blogs for information about what kind of clothes a celebrity wears, where they like to eat, and what kind of cars they drive. For example, people find it interesting that Ryan Reynolds prefers motorcycles to cars or that Jay Leno has 286 vehicles in his garage. It’s even more fascinating to fans when it’s a celebrity like Pedro Martinez who wasn’t born into fame. According to Motor Trend, the MLB Hall of Famer and Network Analyst has quite the car collection of his own.

Pedro Martinez’s first car

Martinez began his career in the MLB by playing for the Dodgers in 1992. Motor Trend reports that Martinez’s older brother taught him about cars and the little details that give each make and model its own unique look.

The Toyota Celica GT caught Martinez’s eye, and he knew that was the car he wanted. He didn’t have the money to purchase it when he began playing for the Dodgers, but that wasn’t a problem for long. Martinez said he saved two or three of his first checks so that he could purchase the Celica.

After letting his brother test drive it for him, Martinez purchased the Celica. When his first season with the Dodgers ended, Martinez took the Celica back to the Dominican Republic with him. According to Martinez, “Even though I’m not good-looking, I got a lot of looks because of the car. Believe me, I was really happy with my car when I got back, everybody was looking at my car. My car was so cute, it was the only one in the country at the time I got it in to the Dominican.”

2002 Ferrari 360 Modena

Martinez made it clear that the Modena was the first and last Ferrari he would ever own when he referred to it as a prima donna that needed a lot of attention.

According to Martinez, “That car is like an orchid. You really have to pamper this car, you have to really be on top of it.” Martinez went on to add, “It’s a convertible; you have to consistently open the top and bring it back down. You have to run it, you have to keep it moving. Every time you run it more than 70 miles, you have to check the oil. It’s a really sensitive car.”

While Martinez seems to like his Modena, though he doesn’t spend much time driving it. Part of it has to do with his schedule but otherwise, he considers it a hobby to drive the Modena.

2007 Mercedes-Benz S550

While this is one of Martinez’s favorite cars, he actually bought it for his wife. Martinez reported that he saw it and thought his wife would look great driving it. The safety features were another big plus for him. Since the S550 was named one of the 10 most comfortable cars by Consumer Reports in 2015, it was a great choice for Pedro Martinez’s wife.

2007 Hummer H2

While the Hummer might be over twelve years old, Pedro Martinez still loves driving it. His favorite feature is the dual function truck/SUV body style. It’s great for off-roading, and Martinez is pleased with the speed.

His least favorite part of the H2 is the gas mileage. Rising gas prices kept a lot of people from purchasing the H2 or selling the one they had in favor of vehicles that didn’t guzzle gas, but Pedro Martinez still proudly stands by his.

2017 Range Rover

Pedro Martinez’s current ride is the 2017 Range Rover. The MLB  Hall of Famer likes his Range Rover because of the versatility it provides. It’s a luxury vehicle that can go off-road while keeping the passengers safe.

Martinez’s Range Rover is a hybrid, but he doesn’t seem to like that aspect very much. “I know it saves gas and all that, but the fact that [the engine stops and starts] by itself is annoying to me.” He also wishes it had more room, but likes it too much to give it up in favor of another vehicle.