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So you found that perfect coupe or sedan. Outstanding. However, it has a sunroof and you’re concerned about whether you want one. Well, what are the disadvantages of a sunroof in a car? Should you reconsider your car buying choices just because of a sunroof?

A sunroof adds weight and could allow water into your car as your seals deteriorate

At a glance, a sunroof seems like a fair compromise between a convertible and a solid hardtop. With the push of a button, owners can slide a power roof panel back or up, letting in airflow and sunshine. Better yet, it’s a safer, less maintenance-intensive alternative to a softtop or hardtop convertible with a folding metal roof. However, adding a sunroof could have a few disadvantages for your car.

For instance, a sunroof, rails, and motor add weight. On average, a car equipped with a power retractable roof panel weighs about 30 to 40 lbs more than a comparable model with a solid roof. That can translate into slower launches and more sluggishness in the corners. Furthermore, extra weight compromises fuel economy.

A car shows off its open sunroof which could be a disadvantage with greater weight and water resistance issues.
An open roof panel | Wirestock via iStock

As you might imagine, a sunroof must include seals to prevent water and dust from penetrating your roofline and intruding on your interior. Consequently, owners will have to pay mind to the maintenance of their seals. Failing to do so could lead to leaks and increased road noise. 

Moreover, a sliding roof panel is just one more component you could forget to close when you park your car. As such, an opportunist could slide into your car through the opening and steal your vehicle or its contents. 

That said, a sunroof could bridge the gap between a hardtop and a convertible. For starters, they likely won’t require a replacement like a full softtop. Furthermore, as long as owners remember to close them, a power roof panel is much more secure than a softtop convertible. As such, car buyers shouldn’t jump to conclusions regarding a power roof panel in their must-have ride.