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It’s that time of the year when brand-new Corvettes are getting repairs or service at the local Chevrolet dealership. And falling off the dealer’s lift, as in the case of this brand-new Z06. It keeps happening more and more, but what’s causing it to happen? Is it the “Corvette curse” rearing its ugly head?

With the surveillance technology most dealers have, we get to witness the succession of C8 Corvettes as they slide off the lifts. In this instance, the bright red ‘Vette can be seen somehow slipping off the passenger side arm lift. Conveniently, that arm is close enough to the car that as it slides off the lift, the arm pierces the side from the bottom to the top. 

Was this a brand-new 2023 Corvette preparing for a sale?

Miraculously, from the reflections in the side window, it appears that said window did not receive any damage, even though it made contact with the arm. You can see how the arm chewed into the rockers, lower quarter panel, door, and possibly the edge of the top.

Then, the rear bumper hit the ground first, damaging it as well. Plus, whatever damage sliding off of the lift did to the undercarriage. Yeah, this can all be repaired. But this was a brand-new Corvette that had yet to be delivered to its new owner, according to the YouTube poster Jason Grubb. We’ll bet the owner is not feeling especially happy about what happened and what his wait time will be to get another one. 

Why are new Corvettes keep falling off lifts?

Red 2023 Chevrolet Corvette on lift
2023 Chevrolet Corvette on lift | Jason Grubb via YouTube

In 2021, MotorBiscuit had coverage of another similar incident in March, as well as one from 2020 in Florida. Both Vettes had similar damage to this one, and one was also red. As for the 2021 incident, the Rapid Blue C8. And the thing all three accidents have in common? They were on two-point lifts. 

Maybe dealerships should reserve four-point lifts for Corvettes only because it seems that the balance is easy to misjudge on the two-pointers. With a four-point lift, there is still easy access to the undercarriage, but it supports four corners. There is no concern over balancing on two arms. 

Is the Corvette totaled?

Lift points on a C8 Corvette according to GM
Lift points on a C8 Corvette | GM

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If we were to take a guess, it is a toss-up if this accident will result in the insurance company totaling the C8. In most cases, the panels won’t see repairs; instead, new ones will pop on. What’s happening underneath is impossible to tell from these images. But overall, if it does get a salvage title, someone will bring it back. And nobody will ever know any damage ever befell the Corvette.