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Barn finds are extremely cool. The excitement of finding a rare car that’s still intact, even if it stopped running a long time ago, is what many car enthusiasts live for. Imagine finding a rare vintage car sitting in a barn, keys in the sun visor, you stick them in the ignition, and rust dust shakes from the hood when you turn them because it actually fired up. Now imagine that scenario, but the car is a one-owner 1968 Dodge Charger barn find. 

1968 Dodge Charger barn find pulling out of the garage
1968 Dodge Charger | YouTube: Dylan McCool

Barn find 1968 Dodge Charger 

The only thing cooler than a rare barn find itself is often the story of how it got there. According to Motor1, this single-owner 1968 Charger was more of a family member than a car or collectible. 

Larry has owned his Dodge Charger since 1968. He clearly loves the car despite its patina’d paint job and the fact that it sat in his barn for 16 years undisturbed. 

What is the bad guy’s car from Bullit

The significance of this ‘68 Charger barn find is that it is the same year as the badie chasing our hero, Steve McQueen, in his iconic 1968 Mustang GT Fastback. This alone makes Larry’s Charger interesting. However, what’s even cooler than the car’s collectability is that it still runs. 

The barn find that still runs

Larry loves his Charger. He meticulously maintained the muscle car with regular oil changes, tire rotations, and other maintenance. Larry would even go out and fire the Charger up routinely to keep the oil circulating. Unfortunately, Larry had a stroke in 1996, which led to the Dodge Charger sitting unmaintained for 16 years. 

As Motor1 explains, the car in the video only needed a new battery, new points, and fresh gasoline to take a deep breath once again. The video shows that the amazingly original car comes to life after a long slumber and pulls itself out of the barn. Typically we see barn finds getting dragged out of barns with rotten, flat tires. Not this one. Not Larry’s Charger. 

This Dodge Charger had rare features 

Not only was this car well-maintained enough to run after all those years, but it was also ordered in a cool spec; finished in B5 Blue, this Charger came with a vinyl roof, bucket seats, and console. The body has seen a bit of wear over the years yet is nearly rust-free, thanks to living in Tennessee. Motor1 reports the only damage to the body occurred during a pair of snow storms, including a dent in the parking lot of a Dairy Queen and a small scrape from the side of the garage. 

The interior was done in matching blue upholstery. However, the seats got pretty torn up over the years. Despite everything, the V8 fired up and idled like a fat old happy cat. Watching the team wrench on this Charger is a joy, but the real smiles come when the crusty Charger opens its headlights, the taillights cut on. What a lovely thing. 


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