Want Your Car To Hold Its Resale Value? Avoid These 5 Things

When it’s time to sell your car, you want the most money that you can get for it, even it happens to only be $500. But if you think that your car is worth more than that, then there are other areas in the car that likely need your attention before you start posting it online and put the “for sale” signs in the window. Properly addressing these areas can help your car stand out in the sea of plenty of others listed in the classifieds. Here are seven things that you should avoid to help your car’s resale value.

A bad-smelling interior

Just like every house has its own smell, every car has its own smell too. Although, when you sit in the car, the more confined space lends itself to highlighting all of the good and bad smells. And if you’re planning to post your car for sale, then that’s something to keep in mind as any prospective buyers will be able to recall any strong odors emanating from your car’s cabin. As such, make sure to clean your car’s interior thoroughly and remove any of those gross Cheetos that you make have left between the seats and center console.

A man detailing the interior of a car
A man cleaning the dashboard of a car. | Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Bumper stickers

Yes, we all know who you voted for in the 2008 election, as well as in 2016, but any potential new owners of your beloved steed probably don’t care. In that case, be sure to use a healthy dose of adhesive remover, or maybe even a heat gun, to get those old stickers off of your rear bumper and body panels. It will definitely help your car get noticed, in a good way.

Car bumper stickers
Car bumper stickers can help cops notice you | Getty Images

Windshield cracks

That annoying crack or chip on your windshield is not only an unsightly hindrance when driving, but it can also cause the casual tire-kicker to kick rocks instead of being interested in your car. While it can be pricey to replace, it’s recommended that you replace or repair your car’s windshield before selling it since prospective buyers might not be willing to buy a car that needs a few hundred dollars of repair from the get-go. It’s also unsafe to drive around with a broken windshield.

Smart windshield
A cracked windshield | Joker/Hady Khandani/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Worn-out tires

Replacing your car’s tires can be pricey and we don’t blame you for not wanting to replace them when it comes time to sell the car. However, just note that your car’s worn-out tires can show signs of neglect or possible suspension damage to the relatively trained eye.

So if your car’s tires are severely worn out, then consider replacing them with a new set and adjusting the car’s price accordingly to recoup at least some of the money spent. While it can be an expensive hassle, you’ll be relieved once you sell the car, knowing that the new owner is happy and safe with your trusty old car.

All season tires
All season tires | Mikhail TereshchenkoTASS via Getty Images

Faded headlights

If the eyes are the “windows to a person’s soul,” then your car’s headlights are like its eyes. As such, if your car’s headlights are worn out and faded from years of sun exposure then it’s a good idea to get them buffed out professionally or clean them up yourself. There are a variety of headlight restoration kits on the market and you’ll be surprised at how much better the car looks with clear headlights. Any prospective buyers will be sure to notice as well!

Gray Mercedes-Benz with foggy and clouded-over headlight lenses in a shop
Mercedes-Benz with foggy headlights | Kramer Automotive via Instagram

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