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Hot-rodders, racing enthusiasts, and general gearheads get excited at the prospect of a car with 1,000 horsepower (hp). With better aftermarket options, building a car with that golden power figure is simpler than ever. However, it’s still an expensive labor of love to build a supercharged big-block V8 or twin-turbo V6 with monstrous grunt. Still, there are a couple of crate engine options with 1,000 hp right from the factory. 

What crate engines have 1,000 hp? 

Your options are limited if you’re looking for 1,000 horsepower right out of the box. However, they are pretty awesome. The first option is a behemoth Chevrolet ZZ632 crate motor, a modern big block application you can buy right from the automaker. Next, you could purchase an aptly named Hellephant crate motor from the lunatics at Dodge. It only seems appropriate that the automaker famed for making wheelying muscle cars would sell you a 1,000-horsepower heart transplant. 

The ZZ632 crate engine is a 1,000 hp heart transplant for cars.
Chevrolet Performance ZZ632 crate engine | Chevrolet

What is a ZZ632 crate engine?

The ZZ632 crate engine is a factory-built big block motor that you can buy directly from Chevrolet. Also known as the 1000 DELUXE, it features electronic fuel injection (EFI) but no forced induction. Forced induction refers to adding a turbocharger or supercharger to help make horsepower; instead, the ZZ632 is naturally aspirated

The ZZ632, a powerful crate engine, makes 1,000 hp.
The ZZ632 crate engine makes over 1,000 hp | Chevrolet

So how does the ZZ632 make that golden horsepower number? You’ll like this next part if you’re one of those car enthusiasts with a “no replacement for displacement” mindset. The ‘632’ in the name refers to the cubic inches of displacement. As a result, the ZZ632 is nearly 10.4 liters and is the largest Chevrolet crate motor ever. If that wasn’t enough, the 1000 DELUXE will make 1,004 horsepower at around 6,600 rpm on 93 octane fuel.

What is a Hellephant crate engine?

The Hellephant is more than just one of the latest additions to the stable of crazy names that Dodge dreams up; it’s the marque’s most potent crate motor. Specifically, the Hellephant is a 426 cubic inch (6.98L) supercharged V8 crate motor that makes 1,000 hp. As if that wasn’t enough to excite car builders everywhere, Dodge unveiled the engine at SEMA in 2018, along with a custom 1968 Dodge Charger which concealed the powerplant. 

A custom Dodge Charger with its 1,000 hp Hellephant crate engine.
A custom Dodge Charger with the 1,000 hp Hellephant crate engine | Stellantis

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What cars can you put a 1,000 hp crate engine into?

You can install a crate engine into just about any car; you’re only limited by your imagination. One of the best parts about crate engines or engine swaps is that there are no laws against what you put into any car. Of course, fitting a motor that doesn’t belong to the car’s generation or automaker family can be trickier than simply swapping out a 289ci small-block Ford engine for a 302. Finally, and not surprisingly, 1,000 hp is a ton of power and requires suspension, brakes, transmission, and differential upgrades to name a few.

Should you buy a crate engine?

Crate engines often come with manufacturer’s warranties and an understanding of how much power and torque you will get. However, crate motors usually cost more to purchase than buying a block, internals, and top-end components for your engine build. The trade-off is your level of mechanical competency and comfort in building an engine. 

Still, if you want a crate motor with 1,000 hp, you’ll pay a lot of money for it. For example, according to Motor1, the monstrous ZZ632 crate engine costs a wallet-burning $37,758. Scroll down to the following article to read more about tire-shredding horsepower!