Volvo Recalls 2021 Models Over Potentially Deadly SRS Airbag Problem

Many automakers are just beginning to roll out their 2021 models. Unfortunately for Volvo, it’s about to recall several of its latest models. Despite its reputation for making safe cars, Volvo will soon recall brand-new models due to a potentially deadly SRS airbag problem.

Here’s a look at the Volvo models involved in the recall and how dangerous this issue could be.

This isn’t Volvo’s first airbag issue

Though this is Volvo’s latest airbag issue, it isn’t the carmaker’s first. And it more than likely won’t be the last. A few months ago, Volvo recalled over 50,000 of some of its older models due to an airbag issue that had claimed at least one person’s life.

That issue had to do with the airbag’s inflator, which could deteriorate earlier than expected due to high humidity. If that happened before a crash, the inflator could rupture and send fragments exploding toward passengers when the car crashed. Those fragments were powerful enough to kill a person, and that’s why the automaker recalled those older models.

However, the latest issue involves the supplementary restraint system, or SRS. The system usually provides extra protection during crashes. Fortunately for Volvo, this issue is affecting far fewer cars, and it may not have caused any deaths or injuries yet. 

The latest SRS airbag problem

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This issue stems from assemblers not attaching the SRS control units properly to vehicles during manufacturing, reports. These SRS units can then detach even farther in a crash. If that happens, the driver is in for some trouble. According to, several systems might fail, including “the airbags, seat belts, and high-voltage battery disconnect systems.”

If the SRS units detached, the airbags might fail, and that could cause significant injuries or even death. But again, despite this potentially dangerous problem, no deaths or significant injuries have occurred due to this defect. That’s likely because the vehicle would have to crash for the SRS units to detach. 

According to, Volvo advised owners to be aware of the illuminated SRS warning lights as well as the “Service Urgent” messages they may receive. So, fortunately for owners, the automaker may have noticed this problem before it caused anyone serious harm. 

Which 2021 models will be recalled and how to get yours fixed

According to, several 2021 models are affected. They’re the V60, V60 Cross Country, V90, V90 Cross Country, XC60, and XC90. 

That’s a good number of models, but overall, estimates nearly 3,000 vehicles will be recalled. On top of that, this issue should be relatively easy to fix. The Volvo dealership will simply tighten SRS control unit mounting screws. With the screws tightened, the SRS units will be less likely to detach in an accident and, thus, allow the car’s airbags, seat belts, and other critical safety systems to work properly.

The recall will begin on February 19. If you own an affected model, call Volvo at 800-458-1552 and use the recall number R10068.