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It seems like finding a good deal when car shopping is a rare occasion in this day and age. However, there are still quite a few amazingly fun cars available for decently attainable prices. It’s no secret that the Volkswagen Golf GTI is a great compact car with an ideal balance of practicality and performance. However, for those looking for a bit more punch, the Golf R is the answer.

For only $15,000, this Volkswagen Golf R was a steal

Rising Blue Metallic 2012 Volkswagen Golf R sold for $15k on Cars and Bids
2012 Volkswagen Golf R | Cars and Bids

Someone effectively just got away with stealing on iconic automotive enthusiast car auction website Cars and Bids. This Rising Blue Metallic 2012 Volkswagen Golf R with a Titan Black interior just sold for $15,000 flat. Best of all, it only has 68,700 original miles on it.

For reference, Kelley Blue Book values a good condition 2012 Volkswagen Golf R with this mileage at around $20,400. That’s using the ZIP code it’s from as a reference, too. In addition to the mileage, the car is in remarkably good shape and comes with a clean title and an accident-free Carfax report to back it all up. So what gives?

It’s no secret that buying a car that has modifications is a great way to score yourself a discount. This Golf R is certainly no exception. While some of the modifications aren’t what many would consider “tasteful,” they are fairly easily reversible.

Perhaps the most questionable modification to this Golf R that likely deterred many a buyer is the tinted headlights and tail lights. Not only can this look a bit gaudy (though, in this case, they aren’t excessively dark), but it can net you a pretty hefty traffic violation in many states. Buying new light housings may not be the cheapest option, but it could remedy this modification. Additionally, many tints are like window tint and simply peels off, while spray-on tints come off with careful sanding and buffing in most cases.

Other modifications include a Stage 1 APR tune, which is a reputable company with a long-standing positive reputation in Volkswagen tunes, an adjustable short-shifter, and aftermarket LED tail lights.

Turbocharged, manual, and all-wheel drive for a great price

Titan Black 2012 Volkswagen Golf R leather interior with six-speed manual transmission
2012 Volkswagen Golf R interior | Cars and Bids

This Golf R also has some stone chips, curb rash on the wheels, and average interior wear and tear. So, anyone looking for a museum-quality Golf R likely passed on bidding. The most concerning flaw listed in the auction is exposed tail light wiring in the cargo area. Certainly, this comes from the installation of the aftermarket lights.

When considering what you get for the money, though, these little nuances seem like no big deal to anyone looking for a driver’s car. According to GRD Tuned, the APR Stage 1 ECU reflash takes power from the stock horsepower rating of 256 horsepower as high as 310 horsepower. Additionally, it bumps the torque figure up to 311 pound-feet.

Combining all of that power with legendary handling characteristics, a six-speed manual transmission, and the 4Motion all-wheel drive system makes for a rip-snorting good time. It’s a four-cylinder engine, too, so it won’t be heartbreaking at the gas pumps. In today’s economy, that’s generally a lot more fun than you’ll find at this price point.


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