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The Kia Telluride had its best sales year to date in 2023, over 100,000 units. While popular, the model isn’t without its issues. Let’s review a commonly filed NHTSA complaint regarding all used Tellurides to date.

Cracking windshields

Kia Tellurides have literally hundreds – and counting – of complaints logged about windshields that chip and crack easily. Owners have reported hearing pop or crackle sounds followed by a noticeable chip that almost immediately spreads. 

Others have reported coming out to the parked vehicle to see a large crack in the windshield without explanation. This is for a range of years, all the way up to 2023 models. One 2020 owner logged in July 2023 that they had replaced the windshield three times in one year.

There are no open NHTSA investigations or recalls for cracking windshields at the time of publishing.

Shattering window and sunroof glass

A black 2021 Kia Telluride facing direct front with headlights on
2021 Kia Telluride | Kia

Other used Kia Telluride owners, like the 2021 model, report window and sunroof glass shattering without cause. This has happened with passengers in the car.

Multiple owners report that window glass will actually flex at speeds over 55 mph, making them seat improperly if you try to close them while in motion. Others have complained of cracking and shattering.

At least three 2021 Telluride owners have filed complaints regarding shattering sunroof glass. This occurs with occupants inside the SUV.

One 2021 Telluride owner filed the following:

“Driving on the highway on 11/20/22, at approximately 65-70 mph, when there was a loud bang above the driver’s head causing the driver to become startled and swerve. The wind noise became louder and there was also a noise like something was moving on top of the sunshade. Exited the highway and pulled into a parking lot. Got out and the front sunroof had exploded and shards of glass were on top of the closed sunshade. The glass that remained was blown outward as if something inside the vehicle caused it to explode. Luckily the sunshade was closed and contained the glass or it would have come into the vehicle cabin and [potentially] caused an accident or injuries to the occupants, and one could have been my one year old daughter. There were no cars around, no debris in the road, and not near an overpass.”

To date, there are no open investigations or recalls for shattering glass.

Source: NHTSA