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It is no secret that GM has some big plans for electric vehicles in the works. A recently discovered patent might point to another big deal for GM EVs. Are dual charging points in the works for upcoming GM vehicles like the Chevy Silverado EV truck and GMC Hummer EV SUV

GM electric vehicles with dual charging ports could be a thing in the future

GM patent shows electric vehicles with dual charging ports
A GM patent shows electric vehicles with dual charging ports | United States Patent and Trademark Office

Charging times are a big deal in the eyes of electric vehicle owners. Those who rely on public electric vehicle charging stations or destination chargers don’t want to wait around for a charge. Someone at Motor Authority recently found a new patent filed by GM that could change everything. 

The patent was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, where someone at Motor Authority found it. Patent number US011336101 is 16 pages long and was filed by GM Global Technology Operations, LLC, out of Detroit, Michigan. The patent title is “Adaptive fast-charging of multi-pack battery system in a mobile platform having dual charge ports.” 

The abstract gives more detail. “A system for use with a direct current fast-charging (CDFC) station includes a controller and a battery system. The battery system includes first and second battery facts, and first, second, and third switches.” The switches can be turned on/off and connect to the battery packs. The patent says this can be in a parallel-connected (P-connected) or series-connected (S-connected) setup.

Dual charging ports on electric vehicles like the GMC Hummer would be a big deal

The first and second charge ports are connected via the charging cable. “The first charge port received a low or high charging voltage from the station. The second charge port receives a low charging voltage. When the station can supply the high charging voltage to the first charge port, the controller establishes the S-connected configuration via the switches, and thereafter charges the battery system solely via the first charge port.”

The drawing included with the patent shows more detail. An electric truck, perhaps the Chevy Silverado EV, has two battery packs shown (22 / 20). It also indicates two charging ports on the right side of the vehicle (P1 / P2). Then, there are drawings of the charging stations showing two charging cables per station.

The primary charging port supports charging of up to 800V. If the second charging port is used, it looks like both will only draw 400V, adding up the 800V. If a driver is using a high-speed charger, this won’t make it charge faster than that. It will allow a slower charger to charge twice as fast using two charging cables.

Will this revolutionize EV charging? Maybe not


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Additionally, it seems that dual charging cables could allow the charging of other items while the electric vehicle is charging. This could come in handy for those heading out on a trip or in a situation where fleet vehicles are charging up.

This could be a huge deal in future trucks and SUVs that might have dual-layer battery packs. Of course, it could just lead to some guy charging his GMC Hummer EV Pickup using two chargers simultaneously.

Electric vehicles with dual charging ports could be helpful in a variety of situations, but it isn’t clear if GM will actually move forward with this idea yet. The patent was filed back in February 2020, meaning it probably still has some time to go before it pops up on any electric vehicles.