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It seems that with every passing day, there are more expensive vehicle crashes happening on the roads. As summer is upon us and lockdown is loosening in some places, the shenanigans are at an all-time high. That was the case when this orange Chevrolet C8 Corvette crashed into a pool at an estimated 150 mph.

Another day, another Chevrolet Corvette crash in California

A C8 Corvette crashed into a pool this week
The C8 Corvette was involved in a crash earlier this week | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

According to CBS LA, out in Chino, California, a relatively new orange Chevrolet C8 Corvette was driving at a high rate of speed in a residential area. While the intersection of Schaefer Avenue and East End Avenue has a speed limit of 15 mph, the Corvette was estimated to be going 150 mph at the time of the crash. The speed limit reduces from 45 mph to 15 mph just ahead of the turn. The orange Corvette struck a median, flew over a hedge, and landed in a pool, ejecting all three occupants.

While the crash only happened this week, an investigation is underway. As the speed limit was only 15 mph and the car was estimated to be traveling at around 150 mph, speed is presumed to be a factor. Based on the initial investigation, it appears the Corvette crashed after trying to make a sharp turn. That caused the vehicle to go airborne and land into the pool.

“I heard a loud screeching or I don’t know what, but then I heard a bang,” Art Guerrero said of the crash to CBS LA. Guerrero owns the home and the pool the Chevrolet Corvette crashed into.

Are Corvettes safe in crashes?

Official video from the crash shows the orange Corvette laying half on the pool deck and partially submerged into a pool. Most of the front end is missing from the Corvette, while parts and debris are strewn around the yard. There appears to have been an impact on the road where orange pieces are visible. Two of the ejected occupants died as a result of the crash. The third is recovering at a local hospital. It isn’t clear if this is the driver or one of the passengers.

The usual critics such as Consumer Reports and Edmunds don’t have much posted about the safety features of the Corvette. For the 2001 model, it is possible testing has not been complete yet.

The street design can’t take all of the blame


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Neighbors have reported an uptick in street racing in the area and that speeding is a common occurrence in the neighborhood. Based on Google Street View images, it appears the road does come to a pretty intense 90-degree right turn in the area of the Corvette crash. Right beyond the 90-degree right turn is the pool that the Corvette landed in.

Safety tests and ratings are unavailable for the C8 Corvette, but the car has various standard safety features. When a car is going 150 mph through an intersection, safety features can only do so much. The Corvette’s speed was estimated to be 10 times the posted limit, and the road was not meant for such high speeds.

The highest posted speed limit on a highway in the U.S. is 75 mph. That makes the estimated speed of this crash double the highest speed limit in America. So while the design of the road and the 90-degree corner might not be the best, the road was certainly not made to travel so quickly.

Hopefully, the third passenger can recover from the crash. Stay safe out there, and always abide by posted speed limits, especially on residential roads.