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The 2024 Toyota Prius has sleek curb appeal and the latest hybrid tech. From its wedge shape to its available e-AWD, the new Prius offers an ideal balance of looks and performance. And with a starting price of $27,450 (plus destination), it’s a solid deal.

Toyota offers several Prius accessories for cold-weather function, everyday tech, and enhanced durability. But some are on the pricey side. Are they worth it? Let’s explore the 2023 Toyota Prius and a few of its expensive accessories.

The 2023 Toyota Prius is a practical choice

Compared to previous generations, the new Toyota Prius brings a generous helping of excitement. No longer quirky looking and slow off-the-line, the latest version has styling and acceleration reminiscent of a sports car.

Central to that is its hybrid powertrain. Base models with FWD have an ample 194 hp. And with an optional e-AWD system, the Prius brings traction and versatility for any climate. Opting for AWD slightly raises power to 196 hp, via the addition of a high-output electric motor on the rear axle.

Fuel economy is another strong suit of the Prius, giving everyday drivers ample opportunity to save at the pump. As always, the new Prius delivers, with an EPA-rated 57 mpg combined.

Then, there’s the bodywork. Few vehicles have the aerodynamic, elegant presence of the Prius. Its canted windshield and narrow headlights define futuristic styling, and the LED bar taillight has a sci-fi look. Add in prominent rear fenders, and you’ve got a recipe for modern flair.

For 2023, the Prius is available in six different trims with starting prices ranging from around $27,000 for the base model to almost $36,000 for the top trim.

2023 Toyota Prius: are pricey accessories worth it?

Toyota Prius buyers can choose from a range of accessories. From paint protection to everyday tech, each has a useful purpose. But some are quite expensive. Are they worth it?

Part of the fun of a new car is its striking finish and curb appeal. But keeping that new-car sheen can be tough if you regularly encounter dirt roads or inclement weather. Stone chips and road salt can scuff up the shine. And before you know it, your beautiful new car looks anything but.

That’s why adding paint protection film makes sense. For $525, Toyota offers Pro Series Paint Protection Film for the front bumper. But is that price justified? We say yes. According to Family Handyman, partial paint protection film typically runs between $600-$1,500 (USD). So Toyota’s offering a fair deal.

Generally, you wouldn’t expect to see a Prius at a tailgate or campsite, but Toyota does offer a fancy electric cooler. This nifty accessory will set you back just over $1,000. For most people, this is way too much money to drop on a cooler. However, it does include some pretty cool features like the ability to control the temperature on your phone.

For people that do intend to take their Pirus camping, you might also want to look at the $900 portable lithium battery also available from Toyota. It claims to provide 40 hours of Dometic CFX 40W cooling on a single charge. Keep in mind you can purchase this directly from the manufacturer for $50 less.

Whatever accessories you add, the 2023 Toyota Prius is a high-tech, cool ride. Looking more concept car than street vehicle, it has a futuristic look and superb efficiency. While Toyota offers accessories for cold-weather function, paint protection, and everyday safety, they’re not all worth the price.


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