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Toyota recently announced that the company would be remaking parts for older versions of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Since 1951, the Land Cruiser has been the brand’s longest-running model in production. With a recent announcement that parts for the old Toyota Supra vehicles would be making a comeback, the vintage Land Cruiser models are next.

The Toyota Land Cruiser GR Heritage Parts Project

Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota is making new parts for old Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs | Toyota

In a press release, Toyota announced the brand would be reproducing spare parts for the Toyota Land Cruiser as a part of its 70th birthday celebration. Parts for the 40 Series Land Cruiser will be made as part of the brand’s GR Heritage Parts Project. Toyota produced the 40 Series between 1960 and 1984. Parts for these vehicles can be few and far between due to the age of the car.

The Japanese automaker is going to make spare parts that have been discontinued. Toyota will sell these genuine parts “through a special collaboration with suppliers.” It isn’t clear which suppliers will be included yet or if that means dealerships. The company hopes “to support customers who wish to continue driving older vehicles that are full of memories and that they truly love.” Since the Land Cruiser is popular to this day, this will be a welcome project for owners. The Toyota Supra is also still a popular car for the brand that will be receiving new parts.

The history of the Toyota Land Cruiser

Just because a version of the Toyota Land Cruiser is no longer in production does not mean it isn’t still in use around the globe. The Land Cruiser supports humanitarian efforts worldwide in remote locations that other vehicles might not be able to reach.

In 1951 when the LC first came out, the original Toyota BJ had a powerful engine of its own. This was the first vehicle to climb past the sixth checkpoint of Mount Fuji. After that, Japan adopted the BJ as the official police patrol car. Since then, more than 10.4 million SUVs live in over 170 countries.

Toyota notes that the Land Cruiser has been a tool to help support the livelihood of those in remote areas. It is used in humanitarian and disaster relief aid, and beyond that, it is a vehicle that can be a tool for adventure. The expectations for the Land Cruiser were “a vehicle that promises to take you anywhere & everywhere and come back alive and safe.” 

Toyota Heritage parts for the LC and Supra


Buying a 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser? Don’t Even THINK About Reselling It

These new parts will launch at the start of 2022. Toyota has a heritage parts survey where owners can let the brand know what specific components are needed. In the survey, people can choose which model Toyota Land Cruiser might need parts. The options, thus far, are BJ, FJ, HJ, and others. From there, you can choose which specific model you own.

Toyota is asking for the mileage, first year of registration, and engine type. From there, the company wants to know what parts, specifically, you might want/need. This includes engine, drive/chassis, body, electrical, and others. It also has an area for random requests that might not fit elsewhere in the survey.

If you are the lucky owner of an older generation Toyota Land Cruiser, fill out the survey! It sounds like there will be many new parts available for the older vehicles. This means LC owners can continue adventuring for many more years. Happy 70th birthday, Land Cruiser!