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There has long been an aversion to small cars in the U.S. And microcars like Panda Knight EVs? Forget about it. But everything is changing in the autosphere, and it may now be time to rethink microcars. Especially since the price of new and used cars is so high, EV sales are ramping up, and many Americans are realizing not every vehicle they own needs to get from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a tank of gas and doesn’t need to be as large as a limo.

The Panda Knight comes from China’s Geely sub-brand with the Geometry moniker. Geometry touts its ruggedness, which may be more about its apparent lift than its off-road prowess. But it does offer some unique bits from its original guise, which we got a glimpse of at the end of last year. 

2024 Geely Panda Knight and standard model
2024 Geely Panda Knight and standard Panda EV | Geely

This earlier version could best be described as having a soap bar look to it. It is devoid of the typical barbs and body additions that the Knight wears proudly. And overall, the two have very distinctive looks about them. 

The off-roady looks come from the fake black grille, which still retains the Panda’s retro round headlights. There are also fender extensions and unique bumpers, all wearing their naked black plastic finish. It also helps to hide the funky B-pillar of the standard Panda hiding under it. 

2024 Geely Panda Knight EV tip up view
2024 Geely Panda Knight EV | Geely

There are also recovery points, hood handles, roof rails, and a rear spoiler that push the off-road Jeep-y narrative. The five-spoke wheels are also unique, but it is unclear if they’re wheel covers or an entirely new alloy design. Overall, it comes off well, sort of like a smaller Suzuki Jimny. Or, a super shrunk Jeep Cherokee. 

Power is from a 40 hp motor with 30 kW and 41 PS, along with 81.1 lb-ft of torque. The motor gets juice from a 17.03 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. This provides 124 miles of range. Honestly, for most city or cross-town jaunts, the compact Knight is more than you’ll need. 

2024 Geely Panda Knight EV black dash and seats
2024 Geely Panda Knight EV | Geely

Inside, there is a surprising amount of space, good enough for four passengers. There is also 28.3 cubic feet of cargo space, with the rear seats in the down position. Two screens greet passengers, an eight-inch infotainment touchscreen, and a 9.2-inch instrument cluster. Other changes from the Panda are unique fake leather patterns and new colors.

Prices start at $5,470 for base models, up to $7,800 for the top model. See, you start to turn your nose up until you peek at the price. It’s a cute yet somewhat rugged-looking little EV with plenty of power, room, and range. As Geely and GM are in partnership in China, it could be worth it for the General to bring some stateside and see how they fare in some larger U.S. cities. 


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