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It’s never a good time with snakes on a plane or snakes in a truck. A timber rattler decided that it wasn’t ready to leave and blocked the door handle of a Toyota truck. It looks like it was on a Toyota Tundra, which isn’t a bad choice for a human. 

A timber rattlesnake took over a Toyota Tundra 

Timber rattlesnake on a possible Toyota Tundra
Timber rattlesnake on a Toyota Tundra | Richard Hurst

A man named Richard Hurst in Northern Mississippi tried helping a timber rattlesnake out. The venomous snake showed up in his driveway up in Carroll County, about 90 miles north of Jackson. 

Most people would probably want to kill the poisonous snake, but Hurst and his wife remained pretty calm. He shared that his wife found the snake in the driveway, but it was a little too close to home. 

So Hurst planned to relocate the rattler with his truck, which looks like a Toyota Tundra. A fit option for taking a ride into the woods to release a snake. It would’ve been a nice act of kindness if things went according to plan. 

The snake wasn’t ready to go 

Richard Hurst was trying to help the timber rattlesnake by relocating it with his Toyota Tundra. He used a long piece of cane to place it under him and picked him up. Hurst was calm, and probably could have pinned his head to pick him up, but there was no need to take any chances. 

He placed the snake in the bed of his truck to take it for a short ride. He planned to release it a few miles away in the woods, so it could go do snake things away from humans. But the snake had other ideas. 

The snake refused to stay put and tried to take over the truck. It slithered onto the driver’s side door as an escape route. This blocked Richard Hurst from getting in his truck. While the snake was probably just trying to escape, maybe he wasn’t ready to go. 

Hurst didn’t share how he removed the snake from the door handle. No humans were injured in this story, and we hope the snake is doing just fine, out in the wilderness. Hurst shared that he probably should have put the snake in a container or something to ride in but it worked out fine. He’s safely away from people. 

Hurst and the snake laugh about it now 

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Hurst mentioned that he thinks the snake enjoyed the ride. It may have been its first time in or on a Toyota Tundra. Hurst shared a few photos with the Mississippi Snake Forums and Identification Facebook Group

The timber rattlesnake seemed to be about three feet long. They grow to about five feet long in Mississippi, according to the Mississippi State University Extension Service. The snake, that’s unnamed, still has some growing to do out in the woods. It seems like Tundra would be a fitting name for him or her, too. 

It quickly turned into a joke fest in the Facebook group. Tundra got hundreds of reactions and comments, serving as the ultimate anti-carjacking device. Some joked that the insurance claim would have been epic.


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