TikTok Hero: Man Uses Own Body to Defend Toyota Supra From Hail Storm

What would you do for your car? This one guy on TikTok defended his Toyota Supra from hail by using his own body. While that sounds dramatic, can you blame him? How many mint Toyota Supra cars live in Australia? Not enough, especially this generation.

Desperate times call for desperate measures when it comes to the Toyota Supra

This guy on TikTok used his own body to cover his Toyota Supra like the one pictured
This guy on TikTok used his own body to cover his Toyota Supra | Toyota

The weather has been strange this year, with more extreme weather all over the world. In Sydney, Australia, recently, a hail storm appeared out of nowhere. You can watch the TikTok video by @jakemcgloin to see the rest. The owner of the Toyota Supra used whatever he could find to protect the car. With limited time, that meant cardboard boxes, a small blanket, and his own body. The creativity is strong with this one.

According to The Drive, the owner of the Toyota Supra is Jake Donaldson. He did what he could to save the essential parts of the car as the roof, hood, and windshield. While cardboard is a good idea, his body is another solid idea. In the comments, Donaldson confirmed the car was OK.

Save the Toyota Supra!

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Owning a vehicle like the Toyota Supra comes with its fair share of struggles. Donaldson has probably invested a ton of money into the car if he didn’t just pay a lot of money for it outright. Often insurance will not offer a realistic value for such a car because it doesn’t have value to the company. Just because you have put a lot of money into a vehicle doesn’t mean insurance will agree with the amount.

So if this car was damaged by hail, insurance probably wouldn’t give much money to fix it. You can’t blame Donaldson for using his body to protect it. Plus, the hood on the Toyota Supra happens to be even more expensive. Couple that with the fact that all parts for this are probably hard to track down in Australia, and shipping isn’t exactly going smooth in and out of the country.

To be fair, the classic car is worth defending

TikTok: Man Uses Own Body to Defend Toyota Supra From Hail Storm
Toyota Supra sales from 2017 – Present | Bring a Trailer

The Toyota Supra in this TikTok video happens to be a Mark IV Supra. These were produced between 1993 and 1998 and are one of the more sought-after vehicles. On Bring a Trailer right now, similar vehicles are going for $70,000 to $112,000. This generation of Supra has always been popular, but it is also victim to the used car price increase.

The cheapest Supra sold on Bring a Trailer in the last five years sold for $21,575. The 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo with 61,000 miles was sold back in April 2018. While a new 2021 Supra is on the market, it isn’t quite as loved as this older model. The prices for the 1993 – 1998 model years might plateau but probably won’t go down too much.

The moral of this story is “don’t knock it till you try it.” Alternatively, don’t make fun of the guy protecting the Toyota Supra from hail with his body because it could be you.

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