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If you feel like there’s a new Ford recall every time you turn around, then you aren’t wrong. The Ford F-150, Explorer, Mustang, and more have had their fair share of problems. Well, actually, they’ve had more than their fair share because Ford leads the industry with the most recalls for the third year in a row. 

Ford has the most recalls for the third consecutive year 

The 2023 Ford Explorer parked in sand
2023 Ford Explorer | Ford

Ford is number one again, but this award isn’t one it wants. Ford has issued the most recalls in the United States out of every other automotive brand for the third year in a row. That doesn’t promote the best confidence in Ford Quality. 

In 2023, Ford issued 54 recalls involving 5,692,135 vehicles. The most common problems were related to powertrains. 

Stellantis landed in second place with 45 recalls that affected 2,689,297 vehicles. The most common issues were related to the electrical systems. 

Then in third, BMW had 29 recalls involving 332,949 vehicles. The most popular problem was the electrical system. 

Ford is ahead of Stellantis and BMW by millions! But on a positive note, things might actually be improving. In 2022, Ford released 68 recalls for roughly 8.7 million vehicles, so it’s down by 21%. 

In 2021. Ford had 53 recalls for 5.4 million vehicles and General Motors had the most recalls for 8 million vehicles. So, Ford isn’t improving as fast as GM. 

While recalls are annoying, at least Ford owns up to them. Ford identifies an issue and provides a fix. Meanwhile, Tesla blames its recalls on drivers mistreating vehicles. 

Ford spokesperson, Maria Buczkowski explained that Ford is working to improve vehicle quality to deliver the best experience for customers. Voluntary recalls protect customers from experiencing a problem. 

Plus, Ford has been working to improve quality with additional testing, complexity reduction, and rigorous process discipline. 

In some instances, the problems are now being caught before vehicles are delivered. For example, when a potential Ford F-150 Lightning battery fire issue was identified, an immediate stop-sale was issued until the problem was corrected. 

As a result, customers were protected and Ford didn’t have to issue a recall. We’ll continue tracking these trends into 2024, things could change as new models roll off the line.


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