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Some cars and SUVs are made to stand out, and some are meant to blend in. Honda usually makes the type to blend seamlessly into the background while getting you to and from work. However, this Honda SUV used to have a silly little feature that must return immediately. If you are looking at used Honda CR-Vs, an intriguing treasure hunt awaits those fortunate enough to discover a model equipped with a fold-out table.

Is there a table in my Honda SUV?

This Honda SUV had a picnic table
A Honda CR-V with a table | Honda

Unfortunately, the picnic table is no longer included in modern Honda SUVs like the CR-V. According to Honda’s timeline, the CR-V debuted in 1997 as a brand-new vehicle. Honda called this the Comfortable Runabout Vehicle or CR-V, starting a new type of vehicle that excelled in comfort and convenience.

This fun little Honda SUV was meant to drive like a car but with a more comfortable ride, thanks to the newly developed unibody construction and independent suspension. It also got a longer wheelbase for added space and stability. With 8.1 inches of ground clearance, the CR-V was ready for adventures right off the production line.

The real reason the Honda CR-V was so adventure-ready? The automaker included a picnic table! Honda was serious about making the CR-V a top choice for drivers, and it even provided a place to eat dinner with your SUV. Additionally, the full-size spare tire on the back was a helpful addition. This made the CR-V a little more rugged and prepared for those spontaneous adventures. Or more ready for a flat tire on the way to work.

What Honda SUV has a table?

Inside the 2002 Honda CR-V SUV cargo area
2002 Honda CR-V cargo area | HONDA

For whatever reason, the Honda CR-V SUV received a folding picnic table from 1997 through 2006. The first-generation CR-V had an efficient engine, high-mounted taillights that were easier to see, and a convenient foldout picnic table. The Honda CR-V had a convenient and versatile cargo floor that was actually the table. You could remove the floor for more storage and use the table to make dinner. You could play cards; you could even write a book. The possibilities were endless.

It makes sense this Honda SUV would quickly become one of the brand’s best sellers. Since it went on sale in 1997, it has been Honda’s best-selling vehicle (not just SUV!) every year since 2017. That’s not a bad accomplishment for a compact SUV.

What makes people so interested in the CR-V? It has been and remains an affordable and reliable SUV for shoppers. Sure, the table was helpful, but the long history of reliability is probably a more significant factor.

When did they stop putting tables in Honda CR-V?

The 2007 Honda CR-V in front of a bridge
A 2007 Honda CR-V | Honda

Honda CR-V SUVs after 2006 do not have a picnic table in the cargo area. This could be for a variety of reasons, but there was one significant change that could have impacted the picnic tables. Honda concluded the second-generation CR-V in 2006, and a new third-generation model was introduced for the 2007 model year.

Though the third-gen CR-V carried over a lot of characteristics from the previous model, there were some significant changes to the exterior design. Honda moved the full-size spare tire from the side-opening rear door to a rear liftgate and bottom-side-mounted spare. That changed the entire cargo floor setup, which meant the table no longer had a suitable home.

The evolution of this Honda SUV continues in 2023, but there is still no folding table in the newest models. In this economy, everyone needs a free table. Honda, please bring back the surprise table in the future. The CR-V needs it.


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