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Sorry, your brand-new truck is delayed because it fell off a train. We aren’t making this up, 2024 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon models were damaged in a train heist that went wrong. Hopefully, this was only a one-time problem for the new Chevy Colorado. 

A train heist leads to destroyed 2024 Chevy Colorado trucks

Things aren’t going so well for the 2024 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon after facing delays. Rising inflation, supply chain constraints, and the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike have been impacting production. 

It probably provided a sigh of relief when new models were loaded into train cars to be shipped off to dealerships. But that progress didn’t last long. A group of thieves tried to steal the trucks but just ended up causing destruction in Mexico. 

The train was sitting in the Ferromax rail yard around 1 a.m., near Gomez Palacio, when armed men broke in. They found stationary train cars containing the trucks and broke the locks. 

As they were unloading the trucks, a patrol car drove by and noticed the suspicious activity. When the criminals noticed the police presence, they scattered. 

They got away but left trucks literally hanging in the balance. A white Chevy Colorado Z71 model was spotted, hanging out the back of a train car with massive dents. 

Onegrey  GMC Canyon Denali model was left sitting parallel on the tracks near the car carrier. It was later hit by another train. 

If the thieves didn’t get spooked, they probably wouldn’t have gotten far. Vehicles are shipped with a minimal amount of fuel to prevent theft. 

Also, the financial loss of these trucks will probably be covered under insurance. The Colorado might be repairable, but the Canyon is totaled. Hopefully, crucial parts like the 2.7-liter four-cylinder turbo engine can be recovered. 

The 2024 Colorado Z71 starts at $40,200, and the Canyon Denali has an MSRP of $51,000. It’s unclear if any other trucks, train cars, or equipment was damaged. The investigation is ongoing, so stay tuned for updates.