This Could Be the Next Car Kia Discontinues?

While things were looking up in minivan sales in the fourth quarter of 2019, the increase may not be enough to keep all the segment’s current offerings on the market. The Kia Sedona saw a 38.9% increase in sales from the fourth quarter of 2019 over what it sold in the same period of time in 2018. Does that mean it will probably be around a while longer?

Not necessarily.

When you look at the sales numbers for Kia Sedona as compared to other minivans, the outlook isn’t as rosy. Considering the success of its other vehicles, will Kia continue to produce the Sedona? Or will they choose to discontinue it?

The Kia Sedona  

The logo on a Kia Sedona for sale at a Kia dealership.
The Kia Sedona logo | Scott Olson/Getty Images

The 2020 Kia Sedona offers a nice balance between the functionality and convenience of a minivan and the styling of a crossover. The Sedona is the only vehicle in Kia’s lineup with sliding doors. It offers great value while offering all the features of its more popular peers. 

It just doesn’t offer the more imaginative and progressive options as those peers. It’s not as flexible. The ride is pretty stiff with clunky handling. While there’s a lot of interior space, the fact that you can’t fold down or remove the back seat cuts into available cargo space.

But the cabin is welcoming and comfortable. There’s a wealth of driver-assist options available. The safety ratings are decent and the V6 engine offers smooth around-town trips.

Compared to other minivans

Minivan sales for 2019 were down substantially from years past. While December saw minivan sales up by 2,700 units, that’s not saying a lot when you consider that the segment was down 66,000 units for the year. While the Dodge Grand Caravan led the segment, even its sales slid in 2019.

It’s expected that the sale of minivans will continue to decline in 2020. With the growing popularity of SUVs, analysts expect minivan sales to continue to fall.

The Kia Sedona saw a rise in sales for the fourth quarter of 2019. That being said, when it comes to how many units are sold, it’s dead last. Sure, it sold 4,267 units in the fourth quarter of 2019 for an increase in sales of almost 40%. But when you consider that Dodge Grand Caravan sold 23,245 units in the fourth quarter, you realize the increase in Sedona sales is not that significant.

While the Kia Sedona offers value, the Chrysler Pacifica has more standard features, and the Honda Odyssey offers a bit more passenger space.

The future of the Kia Sedona

Kia is enjoying great success with its trio of SUVs: the Telluride, Sportage, and Sorento. The Kia Telluride, in particular, performs well in the midsize SUV class. With a high predicted reliability rating, a slew of safety features, a great ride, and an upscale interior, the Telluride seems to be just the type of vehicle consumers want today for personal or family use.

Meanwhile, the future of minivans like the Sedona seems grim. Back in 2000 when minivans were most popular, the Sedona wasn’t around yet. Its best year in sales, according to The Truth About Cars, was 2004. 2019 sales were down an astounding 78% from that. The Sedona isn’t the only minivan struggling with sales but the fact that it sells less than the other has to have gotten the attention of the automaker.

Will Kia continue to produce the Sedona? If sales continue to fall at their current rate, Kia may elect to discontinue it.

Still, the 2020 models of the Sedona have a roomy interior, a secure ride, and all the basic technology most people want. While there are other minivans with better fuel economy and cargo space, those interested in a minivan should get one now.