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It’s always sad when a beloved nameplate gets the axe. You spend time around a motorcycle model, bond with it, and before you know it, it’s gone. Unfortunately, that’s the case for the Triumph Thruxton in 2025. No, the retro Brit doesn’t have the staying power to survive into the mid-decade like the Kawasaki Ninja or the Yamaha Bolt. Instead, the Thruxton will head off into the sunset until the motorcycle marque is ready to resurrect it once more.  

The Triumph Thruxton is no more after 2025

A Triumph Thruxton RS Final Edition shows off its green paintwork.
Triumph Thruxton RS Final Edition | Triumph

It’s true: Hinckley will discontinue its Thruxton lineup after 2025. Unfortunately, the move means the end of the brand’s sport-focused retro café racer, the Thruxton RS. It’s an unfortunate dismissal; the RS took the now-discontinued R model a step further. 

Specifically, the RS added 9.0 horsepower to the 1200cc twin in the earlier R model, for a total of 105. What’s more, the RS scrubbed off 11 lbs of weight. While that might not seem like much, the bike’s 434-lb curb weight isn’t much to begin with. It’s quite a bit less than the 489 lbs of one of its principal rivals: the BMW R nineT. 

Still, the bike’s instigating ride and old-school good looks aren’t enough to save it from the march of time. Triumph announced that the Thruxton will meet its end after 2025. That said, the parallel twin-powered Thruxton enjoyed a commendable run. The marque introduced the 1200 Thruxton to replace the 900cc model for the 2016 model year. Since then, the sport classic bike has dominated events like the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and even made an appearance in the blockbuster film “The Hitman’s Bodyguard.” 

The 2025 Triumph Thruxton Final Edition will be a loving tribute to classic British café racer motorcycles

Of course, Triumph isn’t discontinuing its parallel twin Thruxton line without some sort of tribute. In this case, a 2025 Triumph Thruxton Final Edition wears a classic Competition Green color palette and hand-painted gold pinstripes. The bike gives off serious Jaguar E-Type vibes and serves as a fitting sendoff for the model.

However, even with the Thruxton’s demise, the moto-hipsters of the world still have old-school options. For instance, the upcoming boxer-engine BMW R 12 nineT (a clunky name, I know) will continue to carry the reins of classic café appeal. Still, the Thruxton’s discontinuation is a melancholy moment for retro café racer fans.


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