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Unsurprisingly, the Accord, the most popular Honda car on the market, is also the brand’s No. 1 top target for catalytic converter theft. What’s more, the ubiquitous sedan model is the most common car model to get hit by cat thieves, just behind the Ford F-Series pickup in the list of the top vehicular victims overall. 

The Honda Accord is the most targeted car on the list of catalytic converter theft

A red Honda car, an Accord Touring Hybrid, in an empty lot.
Honda Accord Touring Hybrid | Honda

It’s not surprising that one of the best-selling sedans in America would also be the most frequently targeted car on the list of vehicles for cat thieves. In fact, the Honda car model was No. 2 just behind the Ford F-Series family. Understandably, the F-Series is also the best-selling vehicle in the United States. 

Pickup trucks and SUVs are some of the most commonly targeted vehicle types, as their ground clearance makes for easier access for a cat thief. Still, quick opportunists with cutting tools chose the Honda Accord above popular trucks and SUVs like the Honda CR-V, Ford Explorer, and the Chevrolet Silverado. 

Why do people steal catalytic converters?

A Toyota or Honda car is missing a catalytic converter after a theft.
A missing catalytic converter | Victor Hilitski, Chicago Tribune, Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Thieves target catalytic converters for two reasons: value and access. The valuable materials in a cat include high-dollar metals like rhodium, palladium, and platinum. However, the location of a cat on a vehicle, typically between the muffler and mid-pipe area of the exhaust system, makes the component easy to access. 

What’s more, a stolen catalytic converter from a Honda or another car could be worth over $1,500. As a result, thieves get a significant return for a short, risky maneuver. And short, it is; a skilled thief can make off with a severed cat in a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, the practice is so common that law enforcement agencies find stashes of stolen catalytic converters in shipping containers worldwide. Tragically, a container of ill-gotten cats could be worth millions of dollars. 

How much is a catalytic converter on a Honda Accord?

Unfortunately for owners of the popular Honda car, a replacement catalytic converter for an Accord can cost around $2,700, per RepairPal. As a result, a stolen cat can be just as irritating for owners as it is lucrative for sticky-fingered criminals. 

Still, many comprehensive insurance policies will cover you in case of a significant component theft like a missing cat. 

Can I drive my Honda Accord or another car without a catalytic converter?

While driving your Honda Accord without a catalytic converter is possible, we don’t recommend it. You’ll likely notice a stolen cat on startup when your vehicle is louder and more odiferous than before.

Still, owners should replace a stolen cat whenever possible, as harmful emissions will increase without the part. Keep up with MotorBiscuit for the latest car content and consumer advice!


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