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The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning embodies versatility and practicality with a series of innovative features, enhancing both work and leisure experiences for users. The stow-away shifter for interior workspace, available tailgate work surface, and LED zone lighting are some features that may not steal the headlines but are highly instrumental in reinforcing the F-150 Lightning’s work capabilities and appeal.

Let’s take a closer look at these features:

A stow-away shifter for interior workspace

Ford’s ingenuity shines through the stow-away shifter, an underrated feature that amplifies interior workspace utility. The shifter, located in the center console, folds flat into the console at the touch of a button, freeing up space and allowing the center console lid to unfold into a flat workspace.

This workspace can be ideal for business on the go, supporting tasks such as working on a laptop, signing documents, or even enjoying a meal. This feature effectively turns the F-150 Lightning into a mobile office, bringing a new level of convenience to drivers who spend a significant portion of their day in their vehicles.

Available tailgate work surface

The available tailgate work surface is another feature designed with the modern worker in mind. It transforms the truck’s tailgate into a versatile work surface, featuring a built-in ruler, cup holders, and a spot for tablets or phones.

Whether you’re a contractor using the tailgate to review blueprints, an outdoor enthusiast prepping fishing equipment, or a tailgater setting out a buffet spread for a game day, this feature ensures your truck is ready for any activity. It underscores the F-150 Lightning’s capability to adapt to diverse situations and needs.

LED zone lighting

LED Zone Lighting is an underrated yet practical feature for drivers who require night-time visibility. This system offers the ability to illuminate specific sections or the entire surroundings of the truck. Whether setting up a campsite, working late on a job site, or looking for a dropped item, the enhanced visibility provided by the LED zone lighting significantly increases the truck’s utility during low light conditions.

Pricing and appeal

These features add to the Ford F-150 Lightning’s overall appeal. However, the most impressive aspect may be how these features are delivered at competitive pricing. The F-150 Lightning starts at the Pro trim level, targeted toward commercial customers, with a starting price of around $59,974.

The mid-series XLT model starts at approximately $64,474 and brings additional comfort and technology features. Finally, the higher-end Lariat and Platinum models, starting at around $76,974 and $98,074, respectively, come loaded with luxury features and advanced tech, and it’s within these trims that you’ll find these underrated work features standard.

Enhancing productivity with the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Lightning

Ultimately, these underrated features contribute significantly to making the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning an attractive choice. The F-150 Lightning is engineered to simplify and enrich the user’s experience, regardless of the nature of their tasks. And with a broad range of pricing options, Ford is ensuring that the transformative features of the F-150 Lightning are accessible to a broad spectrum of potential users.


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