There’s a New Nissan Juke, just not for the U.S.

The Nissan Juke gained a cult following for its bug-like oddball styling, and for many years it sold over 35,000 per year before falling off of a cliff in 2017. Introduced in 2010, it has been hard to categorize but is popular nonetheless. 

Two years out of production, Nissan is ready to introduce an all-new Juke. Though the styling is cleaned up a bit, it’s still unmistakenly a Juke. The only question we have is why there are no plans to bring it to the US? 

U.S. Won’t Get the Juke

Nissan made the decision that the US gets the Kicks, while Europe gets the Juke. Granted, they’re both built from the same platform, but the Kicks is just a bland Juke. Does that mean Nissan views us as bland? 

As bug-eyed and quirky as is the Juke, we liked it buzzing around making itself hard to define exactly what it was. SUV? Strange sedan? Gonzo crossover? 

The arched bodywork over each wheel opening has been replaced by a more sculptured body mass that intersects the front of the Juke. It’s less chopped-up-looking and more interesting, too. It even features the de rigueur floating roof design every small car has.

Floating Roof In Colors

That floating roof has special significance for the Juke. Buyers can choose from 11 new colors, and in this age of personalization, if you choose the “Tekna+” trim level Nissan will let you mix color combos for your floating roof and interior. You can also choose different bumpers, sills, and wheels. Doesn’t that make you want it just a little bit more? 

Here’s the thing: this new Juke has styling toned-down from the previous version, and in many ways looks like a much hipper version of the Kicks, so why did Nissan tool up two different bodies for the same car? Questioning scribes want to know.

Manual Transmission

One thing we disliked about the previous Juke was the CVT. This time around, Nissan will offer a six-speed manual transmission. Great! A seven-speed dual-clutch automatic is also available. Both options get hooked to a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine with a paltry 115 hp, which replaces the 1.6-liter, 188 hp turbo. Shouldn’t the power improve, even slightly? We’d love to see it with, say, a 220 hp engine and that six-speed. Since it weighs 50 lbs less than the previous Juke that would be a fun combo. Yes?

Legroom and headroom have increased, and cargo volume is 20% larger, too. It’s even gotten some great tech features like ProPilot that keeps the speed at posted limits and assists maintaining the Juke in its lane. It also comes with blind-spot monitoring, automated emergency brakes, and rear cross-traffic alert. 

Three Driving Modes

Europeans will be able to switch around the feel of the Juke with three different driving modes: Eco, Standard, and Sport. Nissan says stability and cornering characteristics have been improved. 

The interior comes in optional Alcantara or leather, an eight-inch touchscreen, wifi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. For a little extra you can add an app to monitor your car’s status on your phone.  This Juke has everything!

Converted to dollars, the 2020 Juke starts at $21,025. With the Tekna+ trim, the price jumps to $29,000. If you go wild with the “Premiere Edition” trim the price shoots to just north of $30,000. 

C’mon Nissan, give us another Juke.