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When boating, like when driving, you want to know you’re using a reliable engine that’s both powerful and lightweight. Whether you own a fishing boat or a pontoon, deck, flats, deep V, or a different type of boat, you might be considering repowering it at some point. The Yamaha F150 is one of the most popular motors from one of the most trusted companies. Here’s a look at what’s so great about this Yamaha motor.

Yamaha: a trusted name in outboard motors

Yamaha is one of the top manufacturers of outboard motors. Originally a manufacturer of musical instruments, Yamaha produced motorcycles after World War II. In 1958, the Yamaha corporation first began developing outboard motors, and they appeared in the United States in 1970, according to Crowley Marine.

Yamaha then started developing four-stroke outboard motors in 1980, releasing the first one in 1984. These cleaner motors were already in place when emissions regulations were implemented in the ’90s, giving Yamaha the edge over some of its competitors without four-stroke motors.

The Yamaha F150: a bestseller

Yamaha outboard motors on display at a boat show
Yamaha outboards on display | Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

Yamaha announced its first 150-hp four-stroke outboard motor in 2004, according to Bass Resource. It offered a quiet and fuel-efficient option for medium-sized fishing boats. Rather than the V6 ordinarily used for this size boat, the F150 is a 2.7-liter inline-four.

The motor weighs just 478 pounds (for 20-inch shaft models) and has a slimmer width than the two-stroke motors. The F150 is good for single installation on 17-foot to 22-foot boats or dual installation on 23-foot to 27-foot boats. It can be installed on most models of boats.

Yamaha gives a few reasons why the Yamaha F150 is the best-selling 150-hp four-stroke “of all time.” Its “proven reliability” tops the list. In addition, it is “powerful, light, nimble, and compact.”

The F150 is now a part of a bigger family line, including the F175 and F200. The motors are now compatible with both digital or mechanical rigging controls. According to FishTalk magazine, the Yamaha F150 produced after 2005 is often considered “one of the most reliable four-stroke outboards ever produced.”

The Yamaha F150 motor

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The Yamaha F150 motor is powerful but also strong, light, quiet, and environmentally responsive. The motor has outstanding performance, with four valves per cylinder to maximize its combustion efficiency. It also has great acceleration. Its 10mm offset crankshaft permits more intake volume. The four tuned intake tubes increase the torque at low and medium speeds, allowing for faster acceleration.

Its crankshaft, connecting rods, and gears are heat-treated, which adds to the motor’s strength. The motor also is built from lightweight forged pistons. It includes a flywheel dampener to minimize the crankshaft vibration and produce a smoother ride.

The water-sealed outer walls and special exhaust system also help to minimize the motor’s noise. Despite the motor’s power, it still stays quiet thanks in part to an air silencer box and a surge tank. The motor’s technology is handled by the Engine Control Module (ECM) and six sensors located around the motor.

The motor exceeds the requirements of both the 2006 Federal EPA emission standards and the 2008 California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission standards. The Yamaha F150 is designed to resist corrosion. Built of a proprietary alloy, its anti-corrosive paint is electro-deposited in five layers.

A front-mounted freshwater flushing device makes it easy to flush the motor with a garden hose to help prevent corrosion. No tools are needed, and the motor doesn’t need to be running while it’s being flushed out.

The Yamaha F150 motor is a great option for a variety of medium-sized boats. There are plenty of reasons to trust both the motor and the company that manufactures it. For boat owners who need even more power, the F150 is part of a family with more powerful options too.


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