The Worst Used Lexus GS Model Years to Steer Clear of

The Lexus GS is a classic and comfortable sedan that boasts comfort, luxury, and performance. As expected from a member of the Lexus lineup, this is a model with great reliability. Both Consumer Reports and US News and World Report hail the GS for its all-around pleasing attributes and noteworthy dependability. But not every Lexus GS is reliable.

silver 2013 Lexus GS model driving
2013 Lexus GS

Though the Lexus GS 300 and the newer generation Lexus GS 350 are generally accepted as reliable luxury cars worth it in every year model, there have actually been some complaints. In fact, there are a few model years you may want to avoid. These are the worst Lexus GS model years you should steer clear of.

2013 Lexus GS 350

According to Car Complaints, this is the worst Lexus GS model year of the entire third generation GS. The 2013 Lexus GS has received the most attention on the Car Complaints website. That’s definitely not a good thing. It is actually very common for the first year of a fully redesigned fresh generation of any vehicle. Still, if you are looking for a used vehicle why buy the one with the most complaints? Even if the number of complaints is small, it’s still significant.

silver parked 2013 Lexus GS
2013 Lexus GS

The Lexus GS 2013 model year recorded 51 complaints on the site. the most common problem is a battery that dies. Over and over again. And it doesn’t seem like Lexus ever got these models under control. Going for a 2014 model instead could save loads of time and dealings with the auto shop. Of the third generation, the 2013 is the worst used Lexus GS model year. Nothing says it better than a perturbed owner.

“I purchased my 2013 Lexus GS 350 in April 2013, I have under 3000, miles. My battery died in January this year. Roadside came and jump started it for me, It lasted for approximately three weeks, Lexus roadside came and replaced the battery at which time I was informed that there was a defect in some of the batteries in the 2013’s, and was assured that I would have no more problems. Three weeks later the battery died again.”

2013 Lexus GS owner |

2006 and 1998 Lexus GS 300

If you are planning to spring for a much older second generation used Lexus GS, the GS 300s are still good cars. Most of them are reliable, and you can find a good clean Lexus GS 300 for a fraction of the third gen price. But don’t buy a year 2006 or a year 1998 GS300.

Apparently, owners of the 2006 model years have submitted a total of 220 complaints. From faulty mirrors that won’t reset the tilt after back up to jerky shifting, to a fuel pump that stops working, the 2006 is one of the worst Lexus GS model years.

parked silver 2006 Lexus GS in front of a palm-lined mansion
2006 Lexus GS

Even though there are fewer submitted complaints for the 1998 model year, Car Complaints ranks it the worst second gen Lexus GS model year overall. No one wants to deal with engine failure. Here is what the 1998 Lexus GS 300 model year owner had to say:

“When the tow truck started rolling the car on the bed a pile of slimy black sludgy oil dropped out and rolled down the bed. […] I […] pleaded with them to look into the oily build up. The service technician said the car was out of warranty; they were not going into the engine and there was nothing he could do but give me a quote for a new engine.”

1998 Lexus GS 300 owner |

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Avoid these Lexus GS model years

The 2013 Lexus GS 350 is one to avoid. Additionally, the 2006 and 1998 Lexus GS 300 model years racked up complaints. Though all the Lexus GS years are considered pretty reliable, there’s no reason not to avoid the ones that let their owners down the most. These three are the worst used Lexus GS model years you should stay away from.