The Nissan 400Z is a True Heritage Car

This week Nissan finally release the car we’ve all been waiting for: the newest car in the Z lineup. The Z line has long been a favorite among sports car enthusiasts. They are capable cars that handle well, have unique styling, and are affordable to the general consumer. Not quite as powerful as the Nissan GTR, the Nissan Z was the every-mans sports car, and the newest release is no different.

Another affordable car in the Nissan lineup

The z-cars have always been designed to be an affordable sports car that is easy to access. Along with the cars’ designs and performance, the low price has always been an essential aspect of the car’s history. Just like maintaining an affordable price was necessary for the newly redesigned C8 Corvette, making sure the car was still within the price range of the average consumer was important. While no final price has been released yet, Car and Driver estimates that the sales price will be around $45,000.

A design with history

The newest Proto Z might not look as familiar as the previous generations, the 370Z and 350Z, but it does draw a lot of characteristics from its heritage. Side by side, you can see a lot of the similarities between the Proto Z and the cars that preceded it. In fact, the designers wanted to maintain the heritage of the car while giving it some modern updates. While there are some major changes to the car, there is so much about it that reminds us of the older z-cars.

2022 Nissan 400Z | Nissan

The 400Z is joining the family

The 400Z is just the newest member of the Z family, an already well established and loved group of cars. Regardless of time or age, people continue to love cars like the 350Z and 370Z, and it has been several years since a new model has been released. Fans are expecting the new 400Z to be just as fun to drive as previous z-cars have been, and in the latest interview by the design team, we are confident that it will.


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Whether you like the newest addition to the Nissan lineup, we are still excited to see the Nissan 400Z hitting the road next year. For a car that has so much history and is serving a well-established fan base, it’s hard to see what could go wrong.

While we can only guess at to what engine and drivetrain the car will have, there are a lot of reasons to assume that it will offer decent performance that makes it a good competitor for other redesigns that hit the market over the past few years.