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The Thundertruck. It sounds like something from Transformers, but it’s a real, actual truck. Or, it will be, soon enough anyway. The Thundertruck is a futuristic, dystopian-style electric pickup truck that looks like it’s been sent to destroy the Tesla Cybertruck. And perhaps it has. What exactly is the Thundertruck, and will it be able to compete with the Cybertruck?

A black Thundertruck.
The Thundertruck | Wolfgang

What is the Thundertruck?

A gray Thundertruck against a white background.
Thundertruck | Wolfgang

The Thundertruck is a brand new concept electric truck that looks like something an overimaginative kid came up with. It’s beastly and massive and has giant remote-control car wheels. Of course, it isn’t a remote control car, because the Thundertruck would absolutely destroy any remote-control car that came anywhere near it. It is designed by Wolfgang, a design agency. So how close to an actual truck is the Thundertruck? Let’s take a look.

If there’s one thing that the Thundertruck website will let you know, it’s that this concept electric truck was designed “purposefully.” “Thundertruck is a multi-purpose EV. Purposefully designed to be more versatile, powerful, adaptable and efficient. It’s also purposefully designed to be way more fun.”

This truck comes with a whole lot of features

A dark Thundertruck.
Thundertruck | Wolfgang

Among the Thundertruck’s many features include an HD roof rack system, roomy cargo bed, and loading ramps. It would also have an automatic ‘drop-down’ step with lighting. The Thundertruck also comes with an integrated camping tent, so you can take your Thundertruck on an adventure. It also has something called the Bat Wing, which, as the name suggests, looks like giant bat wings on top of the truck. These are used to drawn in solar power and charge the electric truck. The makers of the Thundertruck say that it’s especially helpful in the desert, where there are few chargers but plenty of sun.

If the Thundertruck does come into fruition, you just may be able to get a 6WD option that increases the range to 560 miles. It also gives it 2WD traction and it self-balances. The Thundertruck with 6WD will come with increased payload and towing capacity as well. Need a portable battery pack? You got it in the Thundertruck.

When can I order the Thundertruck?

A black Thundertruck.
Thundertruck | Wolfgang

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Well, as of now, you can’t. Thundertruck’s website says, “Thundertruck is not your grandfather’s truck. In fact, it’s nobody’s truck just yet. But its innovative design will soon give drivers and passengers an entirely new level of versatility and functionality.”

There are currently no details about how much the Thundertruck would cost or when it would be available, if it ever will be. There’s also no sign of whether the Thundertruck will remain a concept truck or if it will actually one day become a truck that you can order. Even if it does become an actual truck, it’s not certain that it would be available in the United States.

One thing is certain: if the Thundertruck does come into fruition, it would be an interesting competitor to the Tesla Cybertruck. Both have a futuristic, dystopian vibe that makes it look more like something that comes from a dream rather than an actual truck. And that just might be all it takes to launch it to best-seller status.